Marx and Marxism Web Guide

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

Resources on the Web

Web resources on Marx and Marxism comprise too huge a category to document comprehensively. The focus here is Marxology and Marxist philosophy, theory, and history, primarily resources in the English language. While these links in turn lead to the widest variety of sources, the concentration here is on general sources and theoretical matters, implying, even with the coverage below, an inevitable slighting of: (1) specific thinkers, schools of thought, traditions, some of which I document separately (e.g. Soviet Philosophy, Frankfurt School); (2) organizations and political parties, political tendencies, journals, newspapers, and other periodicals, presses and publishers, archives, individuals, topical political issues, blogs, online discussion lists; (3) non-Marxist resources on socialism, communism, anarchism, the left, the general labor movement and social movements; (4) non-English-language sources.

Text Archives & Repositories & General Research & Theoretical Resources

Marxists Internet Archive
The largest digital library of Marxist & related literature on the web. Multilingual.

Note additional resources compiled in the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL), including tendencies, international & U.S. organizational history, pseudonyms, newspapers/periodicals, oral histories, research institutions, books (bibliography), audio-visual.

See also The Value of Knowledge: A Miniature Library of Philosophy.

Marx & Engels Collected Works, vols. 1-50
Some of these volumes are incomplete. Check individual volumes elsewhere on this site & on others

From Marx to Mao
Substantial archive. See esp. collections on Marx & Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao
& Other Texts and Documents. | libertarian community and organising resource for Britain
Excellent Libertarian Communist Archive, esp. of Marxist theory.

Soviet titles & e-books. You are invited to contribute to the project to put Soviet books online.
Offline. Try retrrieving web pages at

Collective Action Notes
Libertarian socialist perspective, includes important theoretical articles.

Marxism Page
Includes classic & other theoretical texts.

Radical Ebook Archive
Downloadable e-books classical & contemporary

Reading from the Left
Downloadable e-books & pamphlets

147 Authors: Social Theory: Marxist and Critical Theorists: Texts (Alexander Street Press)
Incredibly extensive repository

Marxist and Socialist (Lust for Life)

Economarx (Marxist economy)

Marx Myths and Legends
Project dedicated to countering misinformation about Marx, initiated by Rob Lucas. (R. Dumain, who independently thought up the basic concept, encouraged such a project.) Note Dumain's comments and criticisms.

Rainer Ganahl: Karl Marx Lesen (Reading Karl Marx)
Reading seminar & exhibition. A unique project.

Karl Marx: Your Online Guide To The Communist Manifesto

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought
Covers a wide range of philosophical and theoretical sources.

Voice of the Shuttle: Marxist, Communist, Frankfurt School, & Later-Marxist Critique
Wide variety of resources.

Generation Online
Variety of theoretical & philosophical texts & translations.

In Defence of Marxism
Trotskyist orientation. Comprehensive site. Includes materials on Marxist theory, philosophy, science and technology, art and revolution.
Trotskyist orientation. Provides texts, thematically organized.

World Socialist Web Site
Trotskyist orientation. Includes section on philosophy.

Movement for a Socialist Future
Broad coverage. Includes section on Ideas and philosophy.
See, e.g.: Contradiction, reflection and cognition: three articles on philosophy.

Institute for the Study of the Science of Society
Organizes classes, promotes study groups, provides study guides to Marxism-the-science.

Historical materialism: World History Archives
See esp. Bibliography for Historical Materialism by Haines Brown

WWW Virtual Library Labour History
Comprehensive reference source. See also WWW Virtual Library Labour History: Special Topics.
This is part of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, Netherlands web site.

Labor Arts
Virtual museum.

Socialist History Project
Documentation of the revolutionary socialist movement in Canada and Québec in the 20th Century.

Our History Digital Archive (Socialist History Society). Some articles:

Tom Mann 1890-92 by Dona Torr & E.P. Thompson (#26/27)
Shakespeare's Idea of History by A. L. Morton (#33)
Leveller Democracy- Fact or Myth? by A. L. Morton (#51)
T. A. Jackson - Revolutionary and Working Class Intellectual: Centenary Appreciation 1879-1979 by Vivien Morton & Stuart Macintyre (#73)

Graham Stevenson (includes the Compendium of Communist Biography)

Communist Party Historians Group

Prof Kevin Morgan

The same mould or different moulds? Reflections on a prosopography of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB) by K. Morgan, Bruno Groppo, Berthold Unfried; Editors

The Red Encyclopedia: A Communism and Communists Reference Guide
Not maintained since 11 July 2002.

Introduction to Marxism (Dino Felluga, 2002-2003)

Historical Dictionary of Marxism by David Walker and Daniel Gray

Initiative fur Praxisphilosophie und konkrete Wissenschaft

Berliner Instituts für kritische Theorie (InkriT) = Berlin Institute of Critical Theory

Das Argument

Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism (HCDM): Section in English

List of entries / Free downloads

A Dictionary of Marxist Thought, 2nd. ed., T. B. Bottomore et al




BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET: Dialectical Materialism Page [sectarian Maoist site with philosophy links]

Left Communism, Councilism, Libertarian Socialism, Situationism, Anarchism, & Other Independent Tendencies

Anarchy Archives

The Anarchist Library

The Anarchist Encyclopedia; An almanac of Antiauthoritarians, Saints & Sinners, Poets & Anarchists...enciclopédia

North American Anarchist Studies Network

"anti capitalist & anti state struggle, for world human community"
See esp. links page.

Bureau of Public Secrets
Situationist and other texts.

Situationist International Archives

Red & Black Notes
Libertarian Socialism. Includes texts by important authors & Martin Glaberman Archive.

"Left Wing" Communism - an infantile disorder?
"On the history and actuality of the Communist Left"
(Last updated Jan. 2003?)

Sojourner Truth Organization
In the 1970s SJO published an interesting journal called Urgent Tasks.
The journal is now in process of being archived on the web site.
See, e.g.: Stalin's Little Book on Philosophy by Lance Hill.

Break Their Haughty Power
Loren Goldner's site. Theoretical, historical, topical writings.

Lust for Life

Chicago Political Workshop
". . . developing a critical understanding of contemporary society through the categories of labor, value, and time. . ." With several texts on critical theory.

Principia Dialectica Magazine - Enemies of utopia for the sake of its realisation

The Platypus Affiliated Society

platypus1917 · Platypus Affiliated Society discussion (Yahoo group)

See also site of Chris Cutrone

Texts & Resources on Marxist Philosophy, Philosophers & Theoreticians

Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey

Karl Marx Studies (on the early Marx) by Laurence Baronovitch

The Unknown Marx (1973) by Martin Nicolaus

Marxist Philosophy: Articles, Sources, Translations and Links

Philosophy Articles by Tom Weston

Wolfgang Fritz Haug


Dialectics (1993)

Dialectics for Kids; alternative URL: Dialectics for Kids

Half-Baked Half Nelson: Dialectics Interruptus review by R. Dumain

Sartre Online

SARTRE . ORG : Jean Paul Sartre, Existentialism, Philosophy, History

International Gramsci Society

Galvano Della Volpe by Claudia Fazio

"Bernstein and the Marxism of the Second International" by Lucio Colletti

"Introduction to Marx's early writings" by Lucio Colletti

"Colletti on the Credit Crunch: A Response to Robin Blackburn" by Geoff Mann

Sito Web Italiano per la Filosofia-LUDOVICO GEYMONAT (in Italian)

Cornelius Castoriadis / Agora International Website

Ernest Mandel (1923-1995) Internet Archive

Permanent Revolution (philosophical essays include the following:)

Foreshadowing In Defense of Marxism: Trotsky’s Philosophical Notebooks with excerpts from Trotsky (March 2008)

Opportunism and Empiricism by Cliff Slaughter (1963), republished 5 Jan 2007

Marxism Without its Head or its Heart: A Reply to David North by Frank Brenner & Alex Steiner
with links to all the other chapters.

Trotsky’s Notebooks: Excerpts on Lenin, Dialectics, and Evolutionism by Leon Trotsky

Introduction to the Logic of Marxism by George Novack

Empiricism and Pragmatism (Chapter IX of Empiricism and Its Evolution: A Marxist View) by George Novack

On Materialism by Sebastiano Timpanaro, ttranslated by Lawrence Garner

Centre for Critical Realism (CCR) (Roy Bhaskar)

The Web Site for Critical Realism | WSCR

Ferruccio Rossi-Landi

Dr. Helena Sheehan / Home Page

The New Dialectics: The Dialectical Phenomenology of Michael Kosok


Dialectic of Defeat: Contours of Western Marxism by Russell Jacoby.
Introduction (PDF file).

Christopher John Arthur (with Dialectics of Labour et al)

Joseph McCarney: research into Hegel and Marx

DIALECTICAL MARXISM: The Writings of Bertell Ollman

Ethical Politics (Andy Blunden) - System of Science
The definitive site on Hegel & Hegelianism

Ideology Stop
On Zizek, psychoanalysis, popular culture

Web Sites & Pages of/by & About Other Marxists

Michael Parenti Political Archive

Mansoor Hekma
Iranian Marxist (1951-2002).

Werner Cohn
Highly eccentric & tendentious old ex-Trotskyist.
See esp. From Victim to Shylock and Oppressor: The New Image of the Jew in the Trotskyist Movement.

Paul N. Siegel (1916-2004)

Ability Testing History, Paul F. Ballantyne. See esp.:

Flames of Discontent - CULTURAL WORK & PROTEST SONG
Some terrific material & radical links

Rainer Ganahl: Karl Marx Lesen - inhalt/content: Reading Karl Marx

Chris Wright's Reading Guides & Other Writings


Me Start a Vanguard Party to Lead the Working Class to Revolution? You Must Be Kidding!!

Proletarian Democracy

Privilege: The Intersectionalising – New Card Game From PD

Worker’s Spatula
“Liberating the proletariat from itself.”

Individual Texts

Ethnological Notebooks by Karl Marx

Revolution in the Air

Revolutionary Self-Theory: A Beginners' Manual
First published as Self-Theory: The Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself, 1975.

On the Philosophy of the Superman” (1900) by Leon Trotsky

Partisanship and Objectivity in Theoretical Work by Maurice Cornforth (also on this site, see link below)

“Maurice Cornforth’s Contribution to Marxist Metaethics” by Renzo Llorente, in Nature, Society, and Thought, vol. 16, no. 3, 2003, pp. 261-275.

“On Reappraising Maurice Cornforth,” by Edwin A. Roberts, in Nature, Society, and Thought, vol. 17, no. 1, January 2004, pp. 119-123.

A Philosophy of Revolutionary Practice: The first two theses on Feuerbach” [1977]by Jairus Banaji, Historical Materialism, 29 May 2020.

NOTE DE LECTURE: Les raisons de la science (Le ragioni della scienza) par Ludovico Geymonat et Giulio Giorello, avec la participation de Fabio Minazzi. (Sagittari Laterza, 1986) (in French)

LUDOVICO GEYMONAT A cura di Diego Fusaro (in Italian)

Fabio Minazzi, La Passione della Ragione. Studi sul pensiero di Ludovico Geymonat reviewed by Nicla Vassallo (In Italian)

Dialectics of the Concrete: A Study on Problems of Man and World by Karel Kosík [editorial preface & chapter 1]

Letter: Herbert Marcuse to Karel Kosik, March 22, 1963 (trans. Charles Reitz)

The Two Marxisms by Alvin Gouldner

Biographies of Sociologists: Alvin Ward Gouldner (1920-1980)

Marxism and science studies: a sweep through the decades by Helena Sheehan
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 21: 2 (2007): 197-210.

Philosophical Essays on Materialism and Marxism by Franz J. T. Lee

History of Wisdom by Franz J. T. Lee

The Philosophy of Marxism: An Exposition by John Somerville (Minneapolis: Marxist Educational Press, 1967; republished as special issue of Nature, Society, and Thought, Volume 18, Number 1, January 2005)

The Unbroken Thread by Ted Grant
The Development of Trotskyism Over 60 Years.

Jack Lindsay: writer, Romantic, revolutionary [the definitive site]

The Fullness of Life: Autobiography of an Idea by Jack Lindsay

Jack Lindsay - Wikipedia

The Origins of Alchemy in Graeco-Roman Egypt by Jack Lindsay
   Poem To Marie Delcourt-Curvers [HMTL]
   To Marie Delcourt-Curvers [pdf file]
   The First and Concluding Chapters

Aspects of Dialectics and Nonlinear Dynamics by J. Barkley Rosser, Jr.

Karl Marx and the Jewish Question by Louis Harap (Jewish Currents, July-August 1959)

Late Marx and the Russian Road: Marx and 'the Peripheries of Capitalism' [intro & chapter 1] by Teodor Shanin

I.Q. Heritability, and Racism by James M. Lawler (New York: International Publishers, 1978)
   "Introduction" (pp. 3-6)
   "Reliability and validity of IQ tests" (pp. 53-68)
   "Heritability" (pp. 133-158)

Fred Moseley, ed. Marx's Method in Capital: A Reexamination, reviewed by James Lawler

The Attack on Margaret Mead and the Dialectics of Anthropology by Gordon Welty

"The Class Structure of Machinery: Notes on the Value Form" by Hans-Dieter Bahr

Consciencism [expanded ed.] by Kwame Nkrumah

Cannon, James P. [Educational Director, Workers Party] “How to Organize and Conduct a Study Class,” The Daily Worker Special Magazine Supplement, Saturday, December 13, 1924 (vol. 2, no. 227), p. 8. Reprinted in Fighting for Socialism in the “American Century” (Chippendale NSW: Resistance Books, 2001).

Hegelian Marxism discussion
Ralph Dumain et al, on Hegel-by-Hypertext.

"Retorts" [letter to the editor], The Alembic, no. 2, Summer 1989, p. 8.
Anarchist texts and debate, with an embarrassing sample of R. Dumain's pre-1992 writing.


A Marx Bibliography
(with sections on the Young Hegelians and 20th-century Marxists)

Bibliography for Historical Materialism by Haines Brown

The Lubitz TrotskyanaNet
Comprehensive documentation of Trotsky & Trotskyism.

CPGB Bibliography (Communist Party of Great Britain) by Dave Cope (2008)

Emancipatory Social Thought: A Bibliography
by James Herod, May-June 2002

Revolutionary Reading Guide by Chris Wright


Marxist Educational Press / Nature, Society, and Thought (USA)

AK Press (USA)

Alternative Press

New Pages
"News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary periodicals, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more."

Alternative Press Center

Journals, Periodicals, Newsletters: Print, Current, Some with Texts Online

Science & Society (USA)
A Journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis.
"Published quarterly since 1936, Science & Society is the longest continuously published journal of Marxist scholarship, in any language, in the world."

Nature, Society, and Thought (USA)
A Journal of Dialectical and Historical Materialism.
MEP Publications (Marxist Educational Press)
Includes index, sample back issues, selected articles. Index also available here.

Rethinking Marxism (USA)
Theoretical journal. Also information on the association & conferences.

Radical Philosophy Review (USA)
Biannual journal of the Radical Philosophy Association.
Access via POIESIS.

Radical Philosophy (UK)
Includes abstracts (1 p.) of articles only, in most cases.

Historical Materialism: Research in Critical Marxist Theory (UK)

Thesis Eleven: A Journal of Critical Theory and Historical Sociology (Australia)

Capitalism Nature Socialism (USA)
A Journal of Socialist Ecology.
Published by the Center for Political Ecology (CPE).

New Left Review

Journal of Critical Realism

International Socialism
Quarterly journal of socialist theory

Socialist Review and International Socialism Journal Index

Revolutionary History (UK)
Print journal. Trotskyist orientation. Several texts online. See also mirror at Marxists Internet Archive.

Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory (UK)
Originates from anti-Stalinist Marxism with Trotskyist inclinations.

What Next? Marxist Discussion Journal (UK)
Trotskyist orientation. See, e.g. sections on Marxist Theory & Socialist History.

Against the Current
Bi-monthly analytical journal published by Solidarity.

Monthly Review

New Politics
A journal of socialist thought

Socialism and Democracy

Z Magazine Online
"Z is an independent monthly magazine dedicated to resisting injustice, defending against repression, and creating liberty."

The Nation

Labor Standard
Trotskyist publication

Political Affairs
From the CPUSA. Contains some top-notch articles on intellectual & cultural matters.

Jewish Currents

Actuel Marx (in French)
Includes philosophical & theoretical articles.

Alternative Press Review :: Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream (USA)
Anthologizes the alternative press.

Journals, Periodicals, Newsletters, Zines: Online, Archives, Current &/or Defunct

Libertarian socialism. Issues 1-12 (1992-2004) online.

Communist History Network Newsletter On-Line
Biannual, 1996- .

Twentieth Century Communism: a journal of international history (blog)

Twentieth Century Communism: a journal of international history (new journal)

Cultural Logic
An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory and Practice

Democracy & Nature (The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy), vols. 1-9 (1992-2003), succeeded by:

The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy (Vol. 1 - , October 2004- )

The Etext Archives - Politics

Fast Capitalism (2005 - )
"Journal devoted to analyzing the impact of information and communication technologies on self, society and culture in the 21st century." Some really excellent material herein.

The Hobgoblin (UK Marxist-Humanist online journal)

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies
Online: #14-#17 (2000-2004).

Marxist Interventions (Australia)
New series, 2009-
Old series, 1998-2006

The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection

The Communist (USA)
March 1927 to December 1944

Politics (Dwight Macdonald),
March 1944 to October 1, 1949

The Communist: Contents by issue (1927 – 1944)


Principia Dialectica (on value theory & other topics)

Marxist Update
Reproduces documents, many sectarian & worthless, many of intellectual value

Althusser material.

Ted Stolze: Resources of Hope, Logics of Struggle
February 20, 2006: Debating Lenin and Philosophy.

Thomas Riggins' blog
Riggins also writes for the CPUSA's Political Affairs.
He writes very interesting material on philosophical topics.

Hackett Blog
See also Hackett's Communist Web Site

Karel Kosík (26 June 1926 - 21 February 2003) (blog, 28 June 2015 - )

Jacques Rancière

Twentieth Century Communism: a journal of international history (blog)

American Left History

The Karl Marx Blog

Marxist Philosophy & Theory Discussion Lists

Marxist Philosophy Yahoo Discussion List

Marxism-Thaxis -- Forum for the discussion of theoretical issues raised by Karl Marx and the thinkers he inspired Mailing Lists
Several Marxism & socialism related discussion lists.

Hegel-Marx yahoo discussion group

Marxist Philosophy & Theory Discussion Lists—Archives of Defunct Lists

Spoon Collective Home Page

Archives of the Spoon Collective's lists from the University of Virginia, 1994-2004

Marxist Politics Discussion Lists

lbo-talk (sponsored by Left Business Observer)

Marxism -- Activists and scholars in Marxist tradition

Marxist Debate

Libraries, Archives, Institutes, Information Centers (Materials Partially or Not Available Online)

Marx Memorial Library (UK)

Tamiment Institute Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives.
Several collections of relevance including American Trotskyist collections and oral history.
See also Guide to the Max Shachtman Papers 1917-1969.

Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University
Several collections, including archives of Martin Glaberman & James & Grace Lee Boggs.

Holt Labor Library
Labor Studies and Radical History.

Prometheus Research Library
Comprehensive collection on the Trotskyist movement.

Center for Socialist History
Archive of Hal Draper & Workers Party.
The Marx-Engels Cyclopedia is being made available online.

Texas Archives of Autonomist Marxism
See Alphabetical Index to the collection.

International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE)
Includes Ernest Mandel Study Centre (eminent Trotskyist thinker & leader).

The C.L.R. James Institute

James & Grace Lee Boggs Center

News & Letters
Organization dedicated to the Hegelian Marxist Humanism of Raya Dunayevskaya.
Site includes texts & articles from the periodical News & Letters.

Marxist-Humanist Committee
New splinter group from News & Letters.
See also The Hobgoblin (UK Marxist-Humanist online journal).

Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI)

George Padmore Institute

The Center for Political Ecology
See also Cyberbooks.

The Brecht Forum
Formerly known as the New York Marxist School.

Papers of Jack Lindsay (1900-1990) (MS 7168, National Library of Australia)

Exhibition on the Jewish Labor Bund in Poland

Organizations: Marxist & Radical Philosophy & Theory

Marx and Philosophy Society (UK)

Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism (USA)

Radical Philosophy Association (USA)

Political Studies Association, Marxism Specialist Group (UK)
See also the annual Studies in Marxism, Annual & Conference Reports, & MEGA.

Organizations: Political Parties & Groups

Foreign Language Federations 1890s-1930 (USA)

Leftist Parties of the World

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (Maoist)
Note theoretical articles by topic.

The Workmen's Circle
Historic left-wing Yiddishkeit


Esperanto & Laborista Movado / Esperanto & the Labor Movement
Retgvidilo, Bibliografio, Dokumentado / Web Guide, Bibliography, Documentation
On this site, with external links.

Resources on this Site

Instead of listing all web pages by Marxists or pertaining to Marxism individually, I will list bibliographies and study guides where relevant links can be found, and individual pages that don't fit into these categories or that belong to other categories designated below. This task is inherently selective as there is no boundary delimiting Marxism.

Study Guides


Labor & Black Radicalism


Texts by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky

R. Dumain on Karl Marx

Texts by & about Bakunin

Maurice Cornforth

Alvin Gouldner

Jack Lindsay

Mark Starr

Poznan School (Poland)

Study Materials

Other Marxist & Radical Thinkers, Writers, & Activists

Selected Writings of Various Authors

Science and Nature, issues #1-10 (1978-1989) with links to complete issues offline

Philosophical Quotations

Selected Writings of R. Dumain

Esperanto Texts

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