Heinrich Heine:
Selected Bibliography

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

English Translations of Heine

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See also Review by Jeffrey L. Sammons, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2008.03.27.

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Biographies & Critical Literature

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Heinrich Heine: “Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam
” (The Lonely Fir Tree), with links

“Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam”
by Heinrich Heine with English translations

Donna Clara by Heinrich Heine,
translated by Louis Untermeyer

Heinrich Heine on Leibniz & Spinoza

Heinrich Heine on Spinoza and Our Lenses

Heinrich Heine on German Romantic Orientalism

Heinrich Heine and the Role of the Intellectual in Germany

Review: Michael Mack, German Idealism and the Jew by Ralph Dumain

Irony by Norman D. Knox

The Young Hegelians: Selected Bibliography

Heinrich Heine en Esperanto

La Voĉoj de Kálmán Kalocsay (disko)
(@8:45: “Donna Klara”de Heinrich Heine, tradukis Kálmán Kalocsay)

Fresko-Sonetoj al Christian S. de Heinrich Heine, trad. K. Kalocsay

Heinrich Heine: La Hejmreveno / The Homecoming (1)

Heinrich Heine: “Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam” / “En nord’ unu pino en solo” (en Esperanto)

"Ideoj" de Heinrich Heine, tradukis Leopold Einstein

"La Teo" de Heinrich Heine, trad. A. Knegt

"Heine kaj la Amo" de Gaston Waringhien

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