Essence of dialectical method vs ideology:

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Compiled by Ralph Dumain

Karl Marx on commonsense, unity, & distinction

Antonio Gramsci on the essence of dialectical method

Renford Bambrough on Distinctions & Connections in Philosophy

Engels contra Holism

Mislogical thought and logical thought” by Evaldo Pauli, translated from Esperanto by R. Dumain

Mislogika penso kaj logika penso de Evaldo Pauli

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The Late Medieval Attack on Analogical Thought: Undoing Substantial Connection” by Sheila Delany

Holism in Soviet & Anglo-American philosophical dictionaries & encyclopedias

Aristotle: A Forefather of General Semantics?” by Wayne N. Thompson

Dialectics in A Dictionary of Marxist Thought / Roy Edgley, Roy Bhaskar, Robert M. Young

Web guides & bibliographies

Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking: A Guide

Ideology Study Guide


“Dialectic depends upon the art of thinking the coincidence of distinctions and connections.”
                — Roy Bhaskar, Dialectic: the Pulse of Freedom (1993)

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