Rebels and Their Causes:
Essays in Honour of A. L. Morton

edited by Maurice Cornforth


Maurice Cornforth
A. L. Morton—Portrait of a Marxist Historian  


Eric Hobsbawm
The Historians’ Group of the Communist Party


Christopher Hill
From Lollards to Levellers


Margot Heinemann
Popular Drama and Leveller Style—Richard Overton and John Harris 


Willie Thompson
The Kirk and the Cameronians  


John Saville
Robert Owen on the Family and the Marriage System of the Old Immoral World


Victor Kiernan
Working Class and Nation in Nineteenth-Century Britain


Edgell Rickword
William Cobbett’s Twopenny Trash  


Jack Lindsay
Ebenezer Jones, 1820-1860—an English Symbolist   


A. L. Lloyd
On an Unpublished Irish Ballad  


Arnold Kettle
Bernard Shaw and the New Spirit

The Contributors 221

Name index
prepared by Willie Thompson 



MAURICE CORNFORTH, Marxist philosopher and lecturer, is the author of The Open Philosophy and the Open Society.

MARGOT HEINEMANN, Fellow and College lecturer in English at New Hall College, Cambridge, is the author of a forthcoming study of Thomas Middleton.

CHRISTOPHER HILL, retired Professor of History and Master of Balliol College, Oxford, is the author of, most recently, The World Turned Upside Down and Milton and the English Revolution.

ERIC HOBSBAWM, Professor of Economic and Social History at Birkbeck College, London, is the author of The Age of Revolution and The Age of Capital.

ARNOLD KETTLE, Professor of Literature at the Open University, is the author of An Introduction to the English Novel.

VICTOR KIERNAN, retired Professor of History at the University of Edinburgh, is the author of Lords of Human Kind and Marxism and Imperialism.

A. L. LLOYD, writer and broadcaster, is the author of Folk Song in England and Come all ye bold miners.

JACK LINDSAY, writer and critic, is the author of recent studies of William Morris, Gustave Courbet and William Blake.

EDGELL RICKWORD, poet and critic, was joint editor of The Calendar of Modern Letters and of Left Review.

JOHN SAVILLE, Professor of Economic and Social History at the University of Hull, is joint editor of the Dictionary of Labour Biography and the author of studies of Ernest Jones and Robert Owen.

WILLIE THOMPSON, Senior Lecturer in History at Glasgow College of Technology, is the editor of the Scottish Marxist.

SOURCE: Cornforth, Maurice, ed. Rebels and Their Causes: Essays in Honour of A. L. Morton. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1978. 224 pp. Contents, Contributors; pp. 5, 221.


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