Jack Lindsay


I can be brave alone.
Once conquer the sweet need
of crazy tenderness
and it is easy, more or less.
That is why Beethoven was so brave
despite the dropsy splashing from his belly
into his fingertips
but never mingling with the blood of music.
This is my latest excuse.
I am a coward now
because I look at you
and think of grocers and menstruation,
but in a little while I also
will be sitting dazed
among the brazen swords; and then
I shall rise up alone, and brave.

SOURCE: Lindsay, Jack. Collected Poems, illustrated by Helen Lindsay. Lake Forest, IL: The Cheiron Press, 1981. xvi, 605 p., [40] leaves of plates. Signed. Copy #31. “Courage” (written in period 1926-1930): p. 148.

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