Philosophy and the Division of Labor:
Selected Bibliography

compiled by Ralph Dumain

“The division of labor is, first of all, the prohibition of access to the totality.”
             — François George, “Forgetting Lenin,” Telos, no. 18, Winter 1973-74, p. 59

"The division of labour is first and foremost the prevention of access to the totality."
             — Robert M. Young, Darwin's Metaphor: Nature's Place in Victorian Culture (1985)

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Intellectual and Manual Labor: Contents by Alfred Sohn-Rethel

Intellectual and Manual Labor: Extracts by Alfred Sohn-Rethel

Historical Materialist Theory of Knowledge by Alfred Sohn-Rethel

Science as Alienated Consciousness” by Alfred Sohn-Rethel (with Introductions)

The First Philosophers: Studies in Ancient Greek Society (Contents & Prefaces) by George Thomson

The First Philosophers: Studies in Ancient Greek Society: Chapter XIV: Being (§5 & 6) by George Thomson

The First Philosophers: Studies in Ancient Greek Society: Chapter XV: Materialism and Idealism by George Thomson

The First Philosophers: Studies in Ancient Greek Society: Chapter XVI: False Consciousness by George Thomson

The Thunderbolt, Interpenetration and Heraclitus” by David H. DeGrood

Book Review, Rudolf Wolfgang Müller, Geld und Geist by Pasi Falk

"Theories of Knowledge: A Dialectical, Historical Critique" by Howard L. Parsons

African Philosophy, Politics, and the Division of Labor

Albert Einstein on Intellectuals and the Masses, Specialization and the Division of Labor, and the Quality of Life

Alvin Gouldner on Intellectuals & the Social Totality

Alvin Gouldner on the New Class & the Culture of Critical Discourse

Antonio Gramsci, Organic Intellectuals, & the Division of Labor

C.L.R. James on the (Post)Modern Intellectual & the Division of Labor (1950)

C.L.R. James on Descartes & the Division of Labor

How to Integrate Philosophy and Everyday Life: To Think Philosophically in Life, Or Reproduce the Fragmentation of Knowledge?

Jeff Schmidt on Ideology and Professionals

How to Control Intellectual Segmentation by Anton C. Zijderveld

Philosophy and Critical Theory (Excerpt: Philosophy and Class Society) by Herbert Marcuse

One-Dimensional Man: Classical Philosophy, the Division of Labor, Abstraction & Practice by Herbert Marcuse

Max Horkheimer's Materialism: The Struggle with Traditional Theory, Science, Positivism, & Irrationalism

Max Horkheimer on the Duality of Scientism and Spiritualism in Bourgeois Society

T.W. Adorno on Kant, the Division of Labor & Restriction of Reason

Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason”: Lecture 16 (14 July 1959): Society · ‘Block’ by Theodor W. Adorno

The Privilege of Experience by Theodor W. Adorno

Fantasy and Reason: Children's Literature in the Eighteenth Century by Geoffrey Summerfield
See Introduction & Chapter 1 for illustration.

The German Ideology After 150 Years

Quotable Quotes from The German Ideology by Marx & Engels

Science, Society, and Life: Extract from "Private Property and Communism" from the Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts of Karl Marx (1844)

Marx on Science, Religion, Historical Method

Karl Marx on automatons, machinery, capital & labor

Ralph Dumain: Antaŭparolo al Karlo Markso: La tiel nomata Fragmento pri maŝinoj (elgermanigita de Vilhelmo Lutermano) [in Esperanto]

"The Relationship Between Science and Morality (Philosophical Aspects)" by A. Arsenyev

"Objectivity & Partisanship in Science" by Aant Elzinga

"Theory and Ideology" by Alvin Gouldner

Alvin Gouldner: Notes & Commentary by R. Dumain

The Unknown Karl Marx by R. Dumain

"‘Philosophy’ and ‘Literature’: Relationships of Genres and the Frontiers of Thought" by R. Dumain

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