ʻUne philosophie du fascisme allemand: lʼoeuvre de Martin Heideggerʼ

Colette Audry

& Jean-Paul Sartre, Paul Nizan,
Martin Heidegger & fascism

Watson, 2005:

In 1934, before he had written a word on existentialism, Sartre read an article on Martin Heidegger by Colette Audry in LʼÉcole émancipée, a socialist weekly for teachers. She titled her essay ʻA Philosophy of German Fascismʼ (straight away highlighting an issue which the academic reception of Heidegger in the 1980s befogged). She was concerned to explain this strange new political development called Nazism. As a Trotskyist, Audry was aware of the omissions of Stalinized Marxism: ʻthey leave to their opponents the monopoly of intellectual audacity in everything which goes beyond the scope of the purely economic and politicalʼ.

Birchall, 1970:

Trotskyism offered more of an intellectual appeal, and he [Sartre] read with interest the works of Trotsky. But French Trotskyism offered little hope of practical results; his closest contact, Simone de Beauvoir’s friend Colette Audry, belonged to a tendency with five members.


Colette Audry - Wikipedia

Colette Audry, ʻUne philosophie du fascisme allemand: lʼoeuvre de Martin Heideggerʼ, LʼEcole emancipée, 14 October 1934, pp. 34–35, and 21 October 1934, p. 53. See reproduction below.

Paul Nizan, ʻSur un certain front uniqueʼ, Europe: Revue mensuelle, no. 121, 15 January 1933, pp. 13746.

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