Pod Znamenem Marksizma

[Under the Banner of Marxism, 1922-1944]

Pod Znamenem Marksizma was the main theoretical journal initially devoted to the development of Marxist philosophy. The table of contents is available in the original Russian in its entirety, but only up through 1929 in English translation. (Perhaps the compiler did not think that the rest mattered, once the Deborinists defeated the mechanists in 1929 and Stalin squashed the Deborinists in the beginning of 1931.) The entire run of Russian issues has been scanned, but only a small percentage of the articles have been translated into English, mostly on political economy in addition to some well-known philosophical articles beginning with Lenin and Trotsky. There are other gateways into this material, but this is the start:

Under the banner of Marxism [1922-1944]

English tables of contents, 1922-1929

Pod Znamenem Marksizma [Russian list of titles 1922-1944]

G. Lukács and his theory of “reification” - Israel Weinstein
Weinstein, Israel 1924, ‘G. Lukacs i ego teorija “obeschestvlenija”’, 3, 10-11: 23-31.

Necessary rehabilitation - Vladimir Poznjakov
“On a branch of the Smithian school in France: Canard and Cournot,” 1925, no. 7, p. 164-197.

Under the banner of Marxism [Под знаменем марксизма], 1923-1931

With prefatory note, links to Russian issues
Letter to the editor by Leon Trotsky, February 27, 1922, in PZM, no. 1-2, 1922
Letter to the editor by Vladimir Lenin, March 12, 1922, published as “On the Significance of Militant Materialism,” in PZM, no. 3, March 1922

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The immediate goal should be to complete the translation of the tables of contents up through 1944, then the translation of some other articles of importance or any as yet untranslated articles from historically significant authors, e.g.:

PZM, no. 1-2, 1922:
  8  2. Abram Deborin: Collapse of Europe or celebration of imperialism?
28  3. Vagarshak (Ter-)Vaganian: Our Russian Spenglerians

There is a signficant body of literature on the history of Russian and Soviet Marxist philosophy including the period of the 1920s featured here. Let me add to what is generally known by people interested in this field a more recent translation from a Soviet philosopher who worked under the yoke of the repressive regime:

Yakhot, Yehoshua. The Suppression of Philosophy in the USSR (The 1920s & 1930s), translated by Frederick Choate. Oak Park, MI: Mehring Books, 2013.

Takhot nevertheless published his own exposition of dialectical materialism, translated into English and published in the USSR:

What Is Dialectical Materialism (1965) by O. Yakhot

Three individual chapters can be found in the Marxists Internet Archive:

There is a certain amount of Soviet theoretical literature published in English in the period covered by this journal, but note also three anthologies in English:

Science at the Cross Roads: Papers Presented to the International Congress of the History of Science and Technology held in London from June 29th to July 3rd, 1931 by the delegates of the U.S.S.R. [N. I. Bukharin, A. F. Joffe, M. Rubinstein, B. Zavadovsky, E. Colman, N. I. Vavilov, W. Th. Mitkewich, B. Hessen]. London: Kniga, 1931. [v, 233 pp.]

Marxism & Natural Science: From Science at the Crossroads, 1931

Theory and Practice From The Standpoint of Dialectical Materialism by Nikolai Bukharin

Robert S. Cohen’s Introduction to The Social and Economic Roots of Newton's 'Principia' by Boris Hessen

The Social and Economic Roots of Newton’s Principia” by Boris Hessen, translated by Phlippa Shimrat; edited by Peter McLaughlin & Gideon Freudenthal (Note: different translation from the original published translation)

Marxism and Modern Thought, by N. I. Bukharin, A. M. Deborin, Y. M. Uranovsky, S. I. Vavilov, V. L. Komarov, & A. I. Tiumeniev; translated by Ralph Fox. New York: Harcourt, Brace; London, G. Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1935. viii, 342 pp.

The Contemporary Crisis of Capitalism and the Ideology of Fascism by A. M. Deborin

Problems of Soviet Literature: Reports and Speeches at the First Soviet Writers’ Congress, by A. Zhdanov, Maxim Gorky, N. Bukharin, K. Radek, A. Stetsky. New York: International Publishers, 1935. 278 + [5] pp.

Soviet Writers’ Congress 1934: The Debate on Socialist Realism and Modernism

Writers’ Congress Texts

See also: Seventeen Moments in Soviet History.

The CPUSA’s main theoretical journal included some articles on philosophy, with occasional contributions from the Soviets:

The Communist CONTENTS BY ISSUE (1927-1944)

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The Social and Economic Roots of Newton's 'Principia'
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The Contemporary Crisis of Capitalism and the Ideology of Fascism
by A. M. Deborin

Marxism and Modern Thought
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Pod Znamenem Marksizma (Under the Banner of Marxism, 1922-1944)

Salvaging Soviet Philosophy (1)

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