Christopher Caudwell:
Selected Bibliography

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

(Pseudonym of Christopher St. John Sprigg)

Collected Poems. Manchester: Carcanet: 1986.

Culture as Politics: Selected Writings, edited by David Margolies. Pluto Press, 2017.
Introduction [new]; selections from Studies in a Dying Culture and Illusion and Reality; “Heredity and Development: A Study of Bourgeois Biology”; bibliography.

The Concept of Freedom. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1977.

The Crisis in Physics, edited with an introduction by Professor H[yman] Levy. London: John Lane, 1939 [repr. 1949]. New edition: Verso Books, 2018.

Illusion and Reality; a Study of the Sources of Poetry. New York: International Publishers, 1967.

Romance and Realism: A Study in English Bourgeois Literature, edited by Samuel Hynes. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press, 1970.

Scenes and Actions: Unpublished Manuscripts, selected, edited, and introduced by Jean Duparc and David Margolies. London: New York: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986.

Selected Bibliography
from The Wisdom of Gautama
from Heaviside
Short stories
   from The Rock
       The Mother Superior
       Lodgings for the Night
       The Bully
   from The Island
       The Play
       A Bit in the Papers
       The Piston
       Homage to Calderon
       The Bank
       The Device
from Verse and Mathematics
       Heredity and Development

Studies and Further Studies in a Dying Culture, introduction by Sol Yurick. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1971. [Reprint of Studies in a Dying Culture (1938) & Further Studies in a Dying Culture (1949)]

This My Hand [novel]. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1936.

[Note: The author also published several books of crime fiction and on aeronautics under his real name.]


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Note “Postscript: Christopher Caudwell, Ghost of Marxism’s Future,” pp. 95-96, 101-102. Roberts summarizes the negative assessments of Caudwell and notes how his ideas were picked up in the 1960s, when affinities with Western Marxism were noticed. Caudwell “does not belong in our study” for his work belongs not to his time but to Marxism’s future.

Sheehan, Helena. Marxism and the Philosophy of Science. Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press, 1985. See pp. 350-385. [See web page links below.] 2nd ed., 1993. New ed., with a new afterword by the author: London: Verso, 2018. (Radical Thinkers)

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Thompson, E. P. Making History: Writings on History and Culture. New York: The New Press, 1994. See pp. 78-140. Here is Thompson at his most philosophically insightful and brilliant, possibly the best analytical synopsis of Caudwell. Original essay:

"Caudwell," The Socialist Register, 1977, pp. 228-276.

Whetter, James. A British Hero - Christopher St. John Sprigg aka Christopher Caudwell. Cornwall: Lyfrow Trelyspen, 2011.


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Christopher Caudwell on religion as static imagination

Christopher Caudwell on Wittgenstein & the nature of language

Christopher Caudwell and the Second Law of Thermodynamics” by Shaun Lovejoy

The Origins of Jack Lindsay’s Contributions to British Marxist Thought” by Joel R. Brouwer

Why E.P. Thompson is My Hero (E.P. Thompson’s Universe of Knowledge) by R. Dumain

“Philosophical Portrait of a Dying Civilization” by Ralph Dumain. Abstract; Paper

Studies in a Dying Culture” Internet radio program (5/10/10 - )

Studies in a Dying Culture” blog, (July 2007 - )

Subversive Agent, no. 2, 1989

S.A. Interviews Dale Jacobson (pp. 36-46)

Review: Christopher Caudwell, Collected Poems (pp. 58-59)

"Homage to Christopher Caudwell" by R. F. Willetts

Bernard Shaw and the New Spirit by Arnold Kettle

British Marxism in Philosophy, Science, and Culture Before the New Left: Essential Historical Surveys

This bibliography provides the larger intellectual and cultural context in which Caudwell functioned in the British left, revealing his originality by contrast.

Greek Philosophy, the Scientific Revolution, Abstraction, Phenomenology, & the Money Economy: Selected Bibliography

Positivism vs Life Philosophy (Lebensphilosophie) Study Guide

Marx and Marxism Web Guide


Christopher Caudwell @ Reason & Society

Christopher Caudwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Christopher Caudwell Archive

Pacifism and Violence. A Study in Bourgeois Ethics by Christopher Caudwell

Reality. A Study in Bourgeois Philosophy (in Further Studies in a Dying Culture, 1949) by Christopher Caudwell

Man as Idea, extract from The Crisis in Physics (1939) by Christopher Caudwell

Caudwell, Christopher | Representative Poetry Online

The Poems of Christopher Caudwell by D.  E.  S. Maxwell

Christopher Caudwell by John Simkin (Spartacus Educational)

75 Years after the Death of Christopher Caudwell | Monthly Review

Christopher Caudwell His aesthetics and film” by Ellen Sypher

A Short Life of Crime: Christopher St. John Sprigg (1907-1937)

The Dialectical Science of Christopher Caudwell by Rob Wallace (Monthly Review, Volume 68, Issue 06, November 2016)

Christopher Caudwell: A Critical Evaluation by Keith MacDonald. ORCA - Cardiff University, Dissertation, 2005. UMI #U202275.

Principles of Literary Evaluation in English Marxist Criticism: Christopher Caudwell, Raymond Williams and Terry Eagleton by Kalyan Das Gupta. PhD dissertation, Dept. of English, University of British Columbia (Vancouver), May 1985.

Professor Helena Sheehan

Marxism and the Philosophy of Science: A Critical History

Introduction to 2nd edition (1993) pdf

Christopher Caudwell (1907-1937) by Helena Sheehan

Caudwell / Sprigg bibliography (Helena Sheehan)

Centenary of Christopher Caudwell
20 October 2007, London, sponsored by the Marx Memorial Library; with links to individual papers & other web pages

Jarama: Where Caudwell died by John Corcoran

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