Martin Sostre in Court:
On Hostility, Paranoia, & Psychiatric Abuse

“There are all sorts of goons,” Martin continued. “Intellectual goons, goons with badges, and goons in judicial robes. Because you see hostility in hostility the intellectual goons say you are a paranoid. I feel hostility because I see hostility. Even I can see that that’s normal and I’m a high school dropout.” [. . . . ]

— Martin Sostre, 4 March 1968

SOURCE: Martin Sostre in Court, edited by Bob McCubbin. Martin Sostre Defense Committee, July 1969. 60 pp. Quote from p. 14.

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Powell, Elwin. “B. Martin Sostre Bookseller Turned Black Revolutionary (1967).” The Alternative Community in Buffalo, 1965-76. The Buffalonian.

Copeland, Vincent. The Crime of Martin Sostre. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1970.

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