Marxism and Modern Thought

N. I. Bukharin, A. M. Deborin, Y. M. Uranovsky, S. I. Vavilov, V. L. Komarov, & A. I. Tiumeniev

Translated by Ralph Fox



Preface vii
Marx’s Teaching and its Historical Importance : N. I. Bukharin 1
     I. The Philosophical Synthesis of Marx 11
     II. The Theory of Historical Materialism 29
     III. The Theory of Capitalism 46
     IV. The Theory of Proletarian Dictatorship and Scientific Communism 65
Karl Marx and the Present : A. M. Deborin 91
     I. On the Forecasts of Marx and Engels 91
     II. The Contemporary Crisis of Capitalism and the Ideology
               of Fascism
     III. Fascism and Social-Fascism 123
Marxism and Natural Science : Y. M. Uranovsky 136
The Old and the New Physics : S. I. Vavilov 175
     I. On Certain Tasks of the History of Science 175
     II. Classical Physics and the New Physics 180
     III. Experiment and the Theoretical Methods of the New Physics 184
Marx and Engels on Biology : V. L. Komarov 190
     I. Remarks on Darwin in the Marx-Engels Correspondence 192
     II. Engels on Darwin in The Dialectic of Nature 198
     III. Engels on Darwin in Anti-Dühring 216
     IV. Does the Darwinian Theory have any Meaning from
               the Point of View of the Social Sciences?
     V. The Influence of the Ideas of Marx and Engels on the
               Further Development of Evolutionary Doctrine
Marxism and Bourgeois Historical Science : A. I. Tiumeniev 235
     I. Marxism-Leninism and Bourgeois Historical Science 235
     II. The Natural-Scientific Tendency and Methods of
               Science in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
     III. Bourgeois Historical Science and the Great French Revolution 244
     IV. The Turn of Bourgeois Historical Science towards Reaction.
     V. The Historical School in Germany : Ranke, Schmoller,
     VI. The Crisis of Bourgeois Ideology and Science in the
               Epoch of Imperialism
     VII. The Dominance of Scholasticism in the Fascist Countries.
               Historical Science in Modern Germany and Italy
     VIII. The Crisis in the Positivist Tendency 289
     IX. The Crisis of the Economic Historical Tendency 304
     X. Conclusions 318
Notes 321
Index 337

SOURCE: Marxism and Modern Thought, by N. I. Bukharin, A. M. Deborin, Y. M. Uranovsky, S. I. Vavilov, V. L. Komarov, & A. I. Tiumeniev; translated by Ralph Fox. New York: Harcourt, Brace; London, G. Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1935. viii, 342 pp. Contents, v-vi.

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Marx’s Teaching and its Historical Importance
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