Philosophic Thought in France and the United States:
Essays Representing Major Trends in
Contemporary French and American Philosophy

(2nd edition)

Edited by Marvin Farber


Foreword  [1967] / Marvin Farber VII


French Philosophical Tradition Between the Two Wars / Jacques Havet 3

The Present Situation and the Present Future of French Philosophy / Jean Wahl 35

The Spirit of the History of Philosophy and of the Sciences in France / Émile Bréhier 55

Phenomenology in France / Jean Hering 67

Experience and Transcendence / Gaston Berger 87

La Philosophic de l’Ésprit / René Le Senne 103

The Three Stages of Metaphysics / Louis Lavelle 121

Existentialism in France since the Liberation / Robert Campbell 137

Bergsonianism and Existentialism / Auguste Cornu 151 [excerpt]

Principal Publications on the Philosophy of the Sciences Brought out in France since 1900 / André Lalande 169

Logic in France in the Twentieth Century / Marcel Boll and Jacques Reinhart 181

The Philosophy of Values in France / Raymond Bolin 203

Catholic Philosophy in France / Henry Duméry 219

The Situation of Religious Philosophy in France / Roger Mehl 249

Recent Esthetic Thought in France / Raymond Bayer 267

Knowledge and Social Criticism / Henri Lefebvre 281

The Philosophy of History / Raymond Aron 301

The Philosophy of Education in France / Henri Wallon 321

An American Reaction to the Present Situation in French Philosophy / Richard McKeon 337


Philosophy in America Between Two Wars / A. Cornelius Benjamin 365

The History of Philosophy / George Boas 389

Idealism in America / H. G. Townsend 405

Descriptive Philosophy and the Nature of Human Existence / Marvin Farber 419

The Given and Perceptual Knowledge / Charles A. Baylis 443

Critical Realism and Modern Materialism / Roy Wood Sellars 463

The Place of John Dewey in Modern Thought / Sidney Hook 483

Philosophy of Science in America / Victor F. Lenzen 505

Probability, Induction, and the Provident Man / Donald Cary Williams 525

Attribute and Class / Frederic B. Fitch 545

Basic Issues in Logical Positivism / Felix Kaufmann 565

Some Trends in American Naturalistic Ethics / Abraham Edel 589

Material Possessions and Thomistic Ethics / Vernon J. Bourke 613

Philosophy of Religion in the United States in the Twentieth Century / Daniel S. Robinson 629

Present Tendencies in American Esthetics / Thomas Munro 655

The Main Trend of Social Philosophy in America / V. J. McGill 679

Toward an Analytic Philosophy of History / Morton G. White 705

The Philosophy of American Education / Harold Taylor / 727

Reflections of a French Philosopher on the Preceding American Essays / André Lalande 745

Supplementary Bibliography / Gilbert Varet 764

Index 803

SOURCE: Farber, Marvin, ed. Philosophic Thought in France and the United States: Essays Representing Major Trends in Contemporary French and American Philosophy. 2nd ed. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1968. (Foreword, 1967; 1st ed., 1950). Contents, IX-X.

Bergsonianism by Auguste Cornu

Henri Lefebvre on Marx, Religion, Philosophy, Ideology & Politics

Logique formelle, logique dialectique: Préface a la 3e édition
par Henri Lefebvre

The Last Stand of Dialectic Materialism:
A Study of Sidney Hook’s Marxism
by Max Eastman

Philosophy for the Future: The Quest of Modern Materialism:
Foreword & Contents

Badiou and the Bankruptcy of Fashionable French Philosophy
by R. Dumain

Anti-Bergson: Bibliography & Links

Pragmatism and Its Discontents: Annotated Selected Bibliography

American Philosophy Study Guide
Includes more links to Marvin Farber & Roy Wood Sellars

Marx and Marxism Web Guide

Positivism vs Life Philosophy (Lebensphilosophie) Study Guide

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