Second International Marxism, German Social Democracy, Austro-Marxism:
Selected Secondary Bibliography

Compiled by Ralph Dumain


Second International Marxism

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German Social Democracy

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Karl Kautsky

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Eduard Bernstein

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Georgi Plekhanov (Russian Marxism)

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Great Britain

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Socialism in the United States

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Dumain, Ralph. “The Ins and Outs of Lloyd’s Left Out” (2003).

Articles in Books

Colletti, Lucio. “Bernstein and the Marxism of the Second International,” in From Rouseau to Lenin: Studies in Ideology and Society; translated by John Merrington and Judith White (New York; London: Monthly Review Press, 1974), pp. 45-108.

Journal Articles

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Note: This bibliography is obviously lopsided. This is a result of my particular research interests, which involve getting an overview of these topics, with an eye to their intellectual history. There are areas within this overall subject matter which are huge in themselves, e.g. Rosa Luxemburg, Rudolf Hilferding, Russian Marxism, Italian Marxism.

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