The Anglo-Marxists: A Study in Ideology and Culture

Edwin A. Roberts


Preface  ix
Introduction  viii
1 Toward a Theory of Anglo-Marxism 1
       British Marxism as an Object of Study 1

       The Methodological Problem of Identifying a School of Thought

                       in Marxism 


       Interlude: Questions of Political Theory and Intellectual History  

       The Concept of Anglo-Marxism  15

2     The Early Years of British Marxism: From Hyndman

                       to Lenin 

       The British Socialist Tradition   24
       The Initial Impact of Marxist Thought in Britain  26
       British Marxism and the Proletarian Autodidacts      30

       On Some Developmental Links Between British

                       and Russian Communism 

       Lenin and the Remaking of British Marxism  42

3     The Emergence of Anglo-Marxism in the Era of

                       the Communist Party 

       The Theoretical Codification of British Communism  58
       University Marxists: Intellectuals in the Red Decades   66
       Interlude I: R. Palme Dutt, Champion of Party Orthodoxy 68
       Interlude II: John Strachey, Herald of the Red Decade   74

       Postscript: Christopher Caudwell, Ghost of Marxism’s


4     John Lewis: Anglo-Marxism and Philosophy  103
       Life and Works    105
       From Christianity to Communism   107
       Marxism as Rationalism   115
       Lewis as a Moralist  121
       Lewis’ Marxist-Darwinist Teleology   128
       Lewis as a Marxist Philosopher: Evaluations and Response    134
5 Marxism and Britain’s Scientific Left  143
       The Politics and Philosophy of Red Science  146
       J. D. Bernal: Marxism as a Scientific System 156
              The Development of Bernalism  158
              Bernal on Engels, Science, and Dialectics   167
              Science and Human Values     169
              Bernalism. and its Critics     171
       J. B. S. Haldane: Marxism as a Scientific Method   179
              The Making of a Dialectical Biologist             181
              Haldane’s Marxist Biology 184

              Dialectics and the Impasse of Science and Philosophy

                       in Britain 

              Haldane v. Lysenkoism 191
              Haldane and the Crisis of Dialectical Biology 197

6 Maurice Cornforth: Anglo-Marxism and the Dilemmas

                       of British Communism

       Intellectual Development  210
       Cornforth’s Early Works 213
       Cornforth and Wittgensteinianism 221
              British Empiricism and Social Science  222
              Wittgenstein for and Against  224
              Communist Humanism  230
       Cornforth Versus Popper  232
       Cornforth’s Marxism: Reformed or Reevaluated 239
7 Anglo-Marxism at the End of the Communist Party Era 249

       The Disintegration of Stalinism and the Liberation of


       Anglo-Marxism and the New Left 264
       Conclusion: The Legacy of Anglo-Marxism 270
Bibliography  279
Index 289
About the Author  297

SOURCE: Roberts, Edwin A. The Anglo-Marxists: A Study in Ideology and Culture. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1997.

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