Positivism vs Life Philosophy


Compiled by Ralph Dumain

On the struggle and interdependence of positivism and life philosophy / Lebensphilosophie (including existentialism and other philosophies of consciousness) within modern (bourgeois) philosophy and ideology. Or positivism vs irrationalism, or scientism vs romanticism.

“Now, in his heart, Ahab had some glimpse of this, namely: all my means are sane, my motive and my object mad.”
      — Herman Melville, Moby Dick, chapter 41

See “Herman Melville's Moby Dick & the Contradictions of Modernity” by Ralph Dumain

“Modern man still believes in magic; he lives in a rational world but insists on interpreting the events of that world in terms of mystical forces.”
       — Richard Wright, The Outsider (1953)



András Gedö — Vita (Bibliography)

Crisis Consciousness in Contemporary Philosophy by András Gedö:

Table of Contents
Publisher’s Note
Author’s Preface
Chapter 1: "Two Aspects of Bourgeois Crisis Consciousness"
Chapter 2: "The Contemporary Crisis in Bourgeois Philosophy"
   1. Neopositivism: Linguistic Philosophy and Critical Rationalism
   2. Life Philosophy (Lebensphilosophie)
   3. The Structure of Late-Bourgeois Philosophy and Types of Apology
              section 3: ‘Social technology’ and positivism
                      [On Max Weber]
                      [On Karl Popper]

"The Contemporary Attack on Science" by Andras Gedo

"The Historical Character of the Concept of Nature" by András Gedö

"Why Marx or Nietzsche?" by András Gedö

András Gedö et al on Lukács (1957)

András Gedö on Rationality, History, Philosophy, and Post-History reviewed by R. Dumain

András Gedö on Marxism after the demise of the Soviet bloc by R. Dumain

The Man of Science in a World of Crisis: A Plea for a Two-Pronged Attack on Positivism and Irrationalism by Aant Elzinga

"Scientism, Romanticism and Social Realist Images of Science" by Aant Elzinga

"The Growth of Science: Romantic and Technocratic Images" by Aant Elzinga

"Objectivity & Partisanship in Science" by Aant Elzinga

Romanticism and Classicism: Deep Structures in Social Science by Alvin W. Gouldner

Irrationalism and Marxism by Étienne Balibar

Heritage of Our Times (Contents) by Ernst Bloch

Ernst Bloch on reason, unreason, the ‘non-contemporaneous’ & Nazism

The Philosophical Critique of Science and the Neopositivist Critique of Philosophy in the Weimar Republic by Helmut Dubiel (See also bibliography below.)

Max Horkheimer on Materialism vs Positivism & Metaphysics

Max Horkheimer on the Duality of Scientism and Spiritualism in Bourgeois Society

Adorno on Hegel: rationalism & irrationalism, logic & experience with commentary by R. Dumain

Concept of Intuition by Theodor W. Adorno

T.W. Adorno on the Division of Philosophy & Labor

Theodor W. Adorno on Progress in Philosophy

Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason” by Theodor W. Adorno

Lecture 6 (9 June 1959), excerpt: T.W. Adorno on Kant, the Division of Labor & Restriction of Reason
Lecture 7 (11 June 1959): Knowledge as Tautology
Lecture 16 (14 July 1959): Society · ‘Block’

Adorno on Wittgenstein & the Dialectical Essence of Philosophy

The Privilege of Experience by Theodor W. Adorno

T.W. Adorno on Zen Buddhism

Theses Against Occultism” by Theodor W. Adorno

Adorno on Paul Valéry & Cartesian Rationalism & Irrationalism in French Philosophy

Jeffrey Herf on Reactionary Modernism & Dialectic of Enlightenment

2003 Reading Review by Ralph Dumain

R. Dumain's Critique of Dialectic of Enlightenment

Max Horkheimer's Materialism: The Struggle with Traditional Theory, Science, Positivism, & Irrationalism by Ralph Dumain

Adorno & the Dualities by Ralph Dumain

Adorno contra Husserl by Ralph Dumain

"Heidegger's Jargon" by Ralph Dumain

On Goldmann, Lukacs, Heidegger, and Adorno by Ralph Dumain

Marxism & Totality & Gramsci & Della Volpe by Ralph Dumain

Notes on Herbert Marcuse’s Reason and Revolution by Ralph Dumain

Metacritique Critiqued by Ralph Dumain

Hegel, Marx, Goldner, C.L.R. James, Enlightenment & the Philosophical Dichotomies by Ralph Dumain

Intellectual Traditions, Alienation, and the Integration of Knowledge by Ralph Dumain

Stephen Jay Gould's Philosophy & History of Science & the Humanities by R. Dumain

Note on the Poznan School by R. Dumain

Consciousness and Society: A Review by R. Dumain

Badiou and the Bankruptcy of Fashionable French Philosophy by R. Dumain

"The Reactionary Philosophy, Ambiguous Aesthetics, and Revolutionary Politics of Herbert Marcuse" [draft] by Ralph Dumain

Reactionary Philosophy and Ambiguous Aesthetics in the Revolutionary Politics of Herbert Marcuse—A Review Essay” by Ralph Dumain [PDF file]

The prevention of literature: intellectual regimentation (1946) by George Orwell

“A Good Man Fallen Among Fabians”: Protestant Anarchism [on George Bernard Shaw] by Alick West

Inventing Bergson: The Politics of Time and Modernity (Excerpts) by Mark Antliff

Bergsonianism by Auguste Cornu

Galvano Della Volpe on Henri Bergson

Galvano Della Volpe on logical positivism [conclusion]

"From Hegel to Marcuse" by Lucio Colletti

Man in the “Industrial Society”: Is Herbert Marcuse’s “Critical Theory of Society” Critical? by Yuri Zamoshkin & Ninel Motroshilova

Witold Gombrowicz on Existentialism (1956)

Witold Gombrowicz: Philosophy in 6 1/4 hours (1)

The Contemporary Crisis of Capitalism and the Ideology of Fascism by A. M. Deborin

Isaac Deutscher on Lukács, rationalism, irrationalism, & Nazism

ʻUne philosophie du fascisme allemand: lʼoeuvre de Martin Heideggerʼ by Colette Audry
& Jean-Paul Sartre, Paul Nizan, Martin Heidegger & fascism

Existentialism” by Georg Lukács

Simple and Higher Categories of the Dialectic by Georg Lukács

Lukács’ Lost Manuscript Tailism and the Dialectic Reviewed by R. Dumain

Georg Lukács on Relativism, Feuerbach, Nietzsche & Spengler

The Question of Educational Work by Georg Lukács

The Two Epochs of Bourgeois Materialism: On Moleschott’s Centenary” by Georg Lukács

The History of Hegel’s Youth: Review of Wilhelm Dilthey’s collected writings, Vol. IV” by Georg Lukács

"Lukács' and Husserl's Critiques of Science" by Mihály Vajda

Nature, Society, and Praxis” by Mihály Vajda

Preface to Process and Unreality: A Criticism of Method in Whitehead's Philosophy by Harry K. Wells

Introduction to Dialectical Logic by Henri Wald

"On the Dialectico-Materialist Type of Rationality" by Jindrich Zeleny

"Man and Philosophy" by Karel Kosík

Herbert Marcuse: Letter to Karel Kosík, March 22, 1963 (trans. Charles Reitz)

“Marx and Critical Scientific Thought” by Mihailo Marković

"The Concept of Critique in Social Science" by Mihailo Marković

Anti‑Semitism and National Socialism” by Moishe Postone

The Aporias of Marxism / Archaism and Modernity by Enzo Traverso

The Alienation of Reason (Extract) by Leszek Kolakowski

Alternatives to Positivism by Igor Naletov (entire book)

Reflections on American Philosophy From Within: Foreword & Table of Contents by Roy Wood Sellars (links to other chapters)

Experience and Subjectivism (Sections I.F-II.D) by Marvin Farber

The Issue of Naturalism vs. Subjectivism by Marvin Farber

Naturalism and Subjectivism: Contents by Marvin Farber

Edmund Husserl and the Aims of Phenomenology by Marvin Farber

Heidegger on the Essence of Truth by Marvin Farber

Phenomenology and Existence: Toward a Philosophy Within Nature by Marvin Farber
     Contents & Foreword
     Marvin Farber on Maurice Merleau‑Ponty

The Search for an Alternative I: Subjectivism, Phenomenology, Marxism, and the Role of Alternatives by Marvin Farber

The Search for an Alternative 9: From the Perspective of Materialism by Marvin Farber

Phenomenology and Natural Existence: Essays in Honor of Marvin Farber, edited by Dale Riepe
     Contents & Acknowledgements
     Introduction by Dale Riepe
     Reflections on the Career of Marvin Farber by Roy Wood Sellars
     “Mediation and Immediacy for Husserl” by Kah Kyung Cho

Towards a Socio‑Historical Interpretation of the Scientific Revolution” by Paul Piccone

"Theories of Knowledge: A Dialectical, Historical Critique" by Howard L. Parsons

The Concept of Essence (Excerpt: Descartes) by Herbert Marcuse

The Concept of Essence (Excerpt: Phenomenology) by Herbert Marcuse

Herbert Marcuse on Descartes, Kant, Hegel: Soul, Mind-Body Duality, & Affirmative Culture

On Science and Phenomenology by Herbert Marcuse

Comment on the Paper by H. Marcuse by Aron Gurwitsch

One-Dimensional Man: From Operationalism to Zen by Herbert Marcuse

One-Dimensional Man: A New Science? by Herbert Marcuse

Herbert Marcuse's Criticism of ‘Linguistic Philosophy’” by Colin Lyas

"Life-World within Brackets" by David H. DeGrood

"The Appearance of Reality and the Reality of Appearance" by David H. DeGrood

Logicomix: Logic and Madness Reviewed by Ralph Dumain

Wittgenstein on Esperanto

Ludwig Wittgenstein and Constructed Languages: Wittgenstein, Esperanto by T. Peter Park

Carnap on Wittgenstein & Esperanto

Galvano Della Volpe on logical positivism [conclusion]

Carnap’s ‘Elimination of Metaphysics’ by V. Brushlinsky

Modern Science and Its Philosophy by Philipp Frank
   Introduction - Historical Background
   Chapter 5: Is There a Trend Today Toward Idealism in Physics?
   Chapter 6: Mechanical "Explanation" or Mathematical Description?
   Chapter 8: Philosophic Misinterpretations of the Quantum Theory
   Chapter 10: How Idealists and Materialists View Modern Physics
   Chapter 11: Logical Empiricism and the Philosophy of the Soviet Union
   Chapter 16: The Place of Logic and Metaphysics in the Advancement of Modern Science

Philosophy and the Physicists by L. Susan Stebbing

Book Review: Barnett's ‘Universe’

Marxism and Modern Idealism by John Lewis

Marxism and the Irrationalists by John Lewis

Marxism and the Linguistic Philosophy by Maurice Cornforth
   Foreword to Second Edition
   Part I, chapter 5, section 5: The refutation of idealism
   Part II, Linguistic Philosophy; chapter 7: A Place in the Establishment

   Science and Evaluation by Maurice Cornforth

Science versus Idealism by Maurice Cornforth
   Contents, Foreword, Introduction

   Maurice Cornforth on William Blake vs. the Fetishism of Language

"Logical Empiricism" by Maurice Cornforth

"Wittgensteinian Foundations of Non-Fregean Logic" by Boguslaw Wolniewicz

"The Empiricist Account of Scientific Knowledge—A Polemical Evaluation" by Richard Arthur

The Main Principles of David Hume's Epistemology as a Source of Contemporary Positivism” by Elena Panova

Revolution or Reform? A Confrontation (Herbert Marcuse & Karl Popper)
   Marxism, Liberalism, and the Foundations of Scientific Method by Frederic L. Bender
   Herbert Marcuse: The New Society
   Theoretical Background: Herbert Marcuse
   Afterword to the German Edition by Franz Stark

The Positivist Dispute in German Sociology by Theodor W. Adorno et al

The Positivist Dispute in German Sociology: Notes, Questions & Comments by R. Dumain
   I: Adorno's Introduction

Logic, Dialectics, Politics: Some Recent Controversies” by Hayward R. Alker, Jr.

Oral Sadism and the Vegetarian Personality” by Glenn C. Ellenbogen, Ph.D.

The American Utopia by Eduard Batalov
   Chapter II.5:  The Technocratic Utopia
   Chapter III.2: The Technocratic Utopia

"Matter and Motion" by L. Bazhenov

Wilhelm Ostwald's ‘The Bridge’ by Niles R. Holt (10/15/07)

"A Note on My Dialectic" by Jack Lindsay

"Towards a Marxist Aesthetic" by Jack Lindsay

"Structuralism and Dialectic" by Jean Piaget

On the Origin of Language and Consciousness” by Jacinthe Baribeau

"Popes, Kings & Cultural Studies: Placing the Commitment to Non-disciplinarity in Historical Context" by Karl Maton

On Bentham and Coleridge (Excerpts) by John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill & the Dualities: Bentham & Coleridge — Commentary by Ralph Dumain

Nietzsche & the Analytic-Continental Divide: Denouement of Bourgeois Reason; Or, Analytical Philosophy's Being-for-Death by R. Dumain

On Geoffrey Waite on Esoterism, Heidegger, and Cassirer by R. Dumain

Review of James Miller, History and Human Existence: From Marx to Merleau-Ponty by R. Dumain

The Popes Combat Modernity in the Bourgeois Century

Fantasy and Reason: Children's Literature in the Eighteenth Century by Geoffrey Summerfield
    Introduction (extract) + Chapter 1
    Chapter 7: "Apotheosis of the Chap-Book"

A Generation of Materialism, 1871-1900 by Carlton J. H. Hayes
    Mechanistic Natural Science, Deterministic Biological Science, Physiological Psychology, Positivism and the Social Sciences
    The Climax of the Enlightenment

The Second International: A Reexamination” by Andrew Arato

"The Relationship Between Science and Morality (Philosophical Aspects)" by A. Arsenyev

Science, Society, and Life: Extract from "Private Property and Communism" from the Economic-Philosophical Manuscripts of Karl Marx (1844)

Marx & Engels on the Science of History

Marx on Science, Religion, Historical Method

Marx on political economy vs reversion to Romanticism

Marx on Capital, Machinery, Universality, Descartes: From Worship to Instrumentalization of Nature

Engels on the British Ideology: Empiricism, Agnosticism, & “Shamefaced Materialism”

Engels (& Borges) on Carlyle

Friedrich Engels on Empiricism, Spiritualism, Science, Mysticism, & Philosophical Naivete

La naturesplorado en la mondo de la spiritoj de Friedrich Engels, elgermanigita de Vilhelmo Lutermano (in Esperanto)

Engels contra Holism

Holism in Soviet & Anglo-American philosophical dictionaries & encyclopedias

V.I. Lenin on Idealism & The Spiral of Knowledge

Leon Trotsky on the Culture of Fascism

La conscience mystifiée (table des matières) par Norbert Guterman & Henri Lefebvre

On Guterman & Lefebvre’s La conscience mystifiée (1936) by Riki Scanlan

The Late Vitalism of Wilhelm Reich: Commentary by Ralph Dumain

The Late Vitalism of Wilhelm Reich: Selected Quotations

C.L.R. James on philosophical wastrels (Existentialism & linguistic philosophy)

C.L.R. James on Descartes & the Division of Labor

Descartes' Dualism (Extract) by Albert William Levi

Aesthetic Abstraction, Philosophical Foreplay (Descartes) by W. F. Haug

Imperialism and Irrationalism by Herbert Aptheker

Alvin Gouldner: Notes & Commentary by Ralph Dumain

The Dialectic of Ideology and Technology: The Origins, Grammar, and Future of Ideology by Alvin W. Gouldner

Revisiting D. T. Suzuki: Selective reading, memory, & embarrassment by R. Dumain

D. T. Suzuki on Zen Buddhism, theism, belief & experience

Sebastiano Timpanaro on Giacomo Leopardi & Materialist Pessimism

Jean-Paul Sartre on Camus’ Stranger as Mental vs. Physical Being

Jean-Paul Sartre on Camus, Empiricism, Literary Description, & the Absurd

Taoism & the Tao of Bourgeois Philosophy by Ralph Dumain

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s “Breakfast of Champions”: artificial intelligence

Love and Intellect II: For Blake, Against Nietzsche: Sources for Program (Vonnegut)

Vedanta and the Bengal Renaissance by Niranjan Dahr
   Chapter X: Secular English Education and Learning
   Chapter XI: Triumph of Vedanta

Dialectic and Dystopia: A Century Before and After the Russian Revolution Through Literature (podcast transcript) by R. Dumain

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This school of thought is expounded also in the online journal Democracy & Nature (The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy) [variant title, Society and Nature], vols. 1-9 (1992-2003), succeeded by The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy (Vol. 1 - , October 2004 - ). Much of chapter 8 is recapitulated and extended in:

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