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List of illustrations vii
List of contributors viii
Acknowledgements xii
Introduction JOAN SOLOMON 1
1 Theories of learning and the range of autodidactism JOAN SOLOMON 3
2 Are autodidacts creative? MARGARET BODEN 24
3 Children in an Interactive Science Centre HELEN BROOKE AND JOAN SOLOMON 32
4 Do autodidacts have EBD? PAUL HOWARD 44
5 Homo Ludens ROBIN HODGKIN 53
6 Learning to be a genetic counsellor: patterns of life-world knowledge VIVIAN LEYSER DA ROSA AND JOAN SOLOMON 62
7 Apprenticeship and lifelong learning: autodidactism in the workplace RICHARD EDWARDS 73

8 Learning autonomously to be a primary teacher of science STEPHEN LUNN 85
9 The scientist as autodidact JOHN ZIMAN 97
10 The autodidactic museum in France and other countries PAUL CARO 106
11 The useful arts TIM HUNKIN 115
12 Indian market women and their mathematics ANITA RAMPAL 122
13 How does resource-based learning help the self-directed learner? EILEEN SCANLON 135
14 Learning through project work at the University of Roskilde ALBERT PAULSEN 147
15 A long life of learning JACK DIAMOND 158
16 Common features JOAN SOLOMON 165
17 Useful theories, great and small JOAN SOLOMON 184
Epilogue: Implications for Education JOAN SOLOMON 207
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(this section moved to its own web page 17 January 2005)

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