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Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Aliens (May 13, 2013)

Hungary (last updated September 13, 2012)

Orb, The (August 21, 2012)

On-line text of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

nooSFere website (French-based with multilingual access)

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Historical Dictionary of Science Fiction

SF Forward (blog)

conceptual fiction (blog)

Worlds Without End blog

The World SF Blog

Europa SF - The European Speculative Fiction portal

Hungary SF summary 2012 (08/10/2012)

Contemporary Hungarian SF novels - by Cristian Tamas (24/09/2013)

Speculative Fiction in Translation

Translated SF    
Non-English SF, available in translation

Inter Nova: International Science Fiction

Russian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Russian and E European SF Syllabus

Russian Utopia: a depository. Ivan Leonidov, Museum of Paper Architecture

Utopia and Utopianism (multilingual journal)

Luminist Archives
Downloadable science fiction, fantasy, weird fiction, spiritual texts, pulps, fanzines, comic books, periodicals, et al

Free Speculative Fiction Online

Locus Online

SF in Germany

A Virtual Introduction to Science Fiction (Online Toolkit for Teaching SF)

German SF

The Science Fiction Foundation

SF Site

infinity plus (1997-2007)

EMP Museum - Music + Sci-fi + Pop Culture

io9: Science and entertainment from the world of tomorrow: science fiction

Great Lost Manuscripts of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Classic Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films That You Can Watch on YouTube

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

Inventions and Ideas from Science Fiction Books and Movies at

Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections, Combined Edition by William G. Contento (last updated March 18, 2015)

Sargent, Lyman Tower. Utopian Literature in English: An Annotated Bibliography from 1516 to the Present. State College, PA: Penn State Libraries Open Publishing, 2016 and continuing.

Dystopia Tracker

Utopia and Dystopia (@ Internet Sacred Text Archive

Acheron LV-426: science fiction

Envisioning unreal utopiaea (17 June 2010)

Potpourri of Science Fiction Literature

Extrapolation (Pre-2012) 1979-2013

Science Fiction Review [et sim.]

Galactic Journey - 55 years ago: Science Fact and Fiction

Czechia 2020-2021 — Global AI Narratives: Central and Eastern Europe

Stalin’s “Loss of Sensation”: Subversive Impulses in Soviet Science-Fiction of the Great Terror by David Christopher

Trotsky and the Iron Heel (1937)

Review of 1984 by Isaac Asimov (1980?)

Sci Fi Bytes: And the First Sci Fi TV Series Was . . . by johnnyjay, Cancelled Sci Fi, August 26, 2020 [Karel Čapek’s R.U.R.]

Earliest story with Esperanto future

Zvi Har’El’s Jules Verne Collection

Academic Scholarship on Jules Verne by Arthur B. Evans

Functions of Science in French Fiction by Arthur B. Evans

Stanisław Lem: Socio-Political Sci-Fi, by Carl Tighe, The Modern Language Review, Vol. 94, No. 3, July 1999, pp. 758-774. Also at JSTOR.

Socialism and Democracy, # 42 (Volume 20, No. 3): Socialism And Social Critique In Science Fiction [Science fiction + Afrofuturism]

See also Afrofuturism section below

Science Fiction and the Cultural Logic of Early Post Postmodernism by Marleen S. Barr

Imagining the Future: Utopia and Dystopia, special issue of Arena Journal, no. 25/26 (2006).

Note: Maurice Blanchot, "The Proper Use of Science Fiction" [1959],  pp. 375- . And see: 

Blanchot's "The Proper Use of Science Fiction" (1959) (Acheron LV-426)

Books in Review: Science Fiction Studies, #105 (Volume 35, Part 2), July 2008

Science Fiction as the Mythology of the Future by Tom Lombardo

Science Fiction: The Evolutionary Mythology of the Future by Tom Lombardo

Young Adult Dystopia Novels, “Just Browsing”, Orem Public Library, February 26, 2013

Utopia, Dystopia, Heterotopias: From Lu Xun to Liu Cixin by David Der-wei Wang, translated by Emma Xu. Lecture, Peking University, May 17, 2011.

Kang Youwei - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Note Da Tongshu (1935), a modern Chinese utopia.

Émile Souvestre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Author of dystopian science fiction novel Le Monde Tel Qu'il Sera [The World As It Shall Be], 1846.

Robots In Love (A Modern Retelling) by Linda Imbler, DM du Jour, January 9, 2018

John Wilkins & Menace from the Moon [Dumain blog]
[Note John Wilkins as character]

The Baroque Cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
3 vols., 2003-4, by Neal Stephenson [Note Newton, Leibniz, John Wilkins]

Future perfect by Iwan Rhys Morus, Aeon, 10 December, 2014
Social progress, high-speed transport and electricity everywhere - how the Victorians invented the future

Deflating Hyperspace” by David Pacchioli

The New Utopians by Jeet Heer
(Kim Stanley Robinson and the novelists who want to build a better future through science fiction.)
The New Republic, November 9, 2015

Anarchism and science fiction: A reading list (Ben Beck)

Marxism and Fantasy, special issue of Historical Materialism, vol. 10, no. 4 (2002).

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr.

Twenty-Two Answers and Two Postscripts: An Interview with Stanislaw Lem, by Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr., translated by Marek Lugowski, Science Fiction Studies #40 (Volume 13, Part 3), November 1986

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. "Lem, Central Europe, and the Genre of Technological Empire," in Peter Swirski, ed., Art and Science of Stanislaw Lem (McGill U. Press, 2006), pp. 130-152.

Uncanny Magazine

Ares Magazine
“Bringing you 80 pages of amazing new science fiction and a complete board game in a bi-monthly periodical.”
(Kickstarter campaign)

MOSF Journal of Science Fiction (Museum of Science Fiction), Vol. 1, No. 1 (2016) -

The New York Review of Science Fiction (1988- )

Science Fiction Studies (1973- ): Selected articles:

Pulp Magazines

The Pulp Magazines Project

Galactic Central

Comic Book Plus

Famous Fantastic Mysteries

Video, Film, & Audio in English

The First Men on Mercury by Edwin Morgan & Tommy Smith, 2009 (4 min., 30 sec.).

Golem - based on the short story by Stanislaw Lem (video)

Lem: The Star Diaries (audio): 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 28

Lem: The Star Diaries: 8th Voyage (audio)

Lem: The Star Diaries: 11th Voyage (audio)

Some Soviet Science Fiction & Utopian Video & Film Online

Aelita, silent sci-fi movie from 1924.

Aelita (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alexei Nikolayevich Tolstoy

Aero NT-54 (1925), Russian silent film (61 min.). Have not found this film online.

Luch smerti (1925) [The Death Ray], Russian silent film, with English subtitles, 1st & last reels lost (extant film, 1 hr., 16 min.).

The Death Ray (1925 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Loss Of Sensation (1935), film, in Russian with English subtitles (1 hr., 26 min.).

Christopher, David. Stalin’s “Loss of Sensation”: Subversive Impulses in Soviet Science-Fiction of the Great Terror, MOSF Journal of Science Fiction, Volume 1, Issue 2, May 2016, pp. 18-35.

Cosmic Voyage (1936), film, in Russian with English subtitles (1 hr., 5 min.).

German Video & Film

Der Herr Der Welt (Master of the World) (1934) [this clip 4 min., 25 sec.], German film (90 min.).

Master of the World (1934 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Polish Video & Film

Golem - based on the short story by Stanislaw Lem, film, in Polish (7 min., 40 sec.).

Czech Video & Film

Bílá nemoc (The White Disease) | celý film | česká filmová klasika (1937), in Czech with English subtitles (1 hr., 44 min.). Based on the play by Karel Čapek.

Krakatit [1948 Czech film, no subtitles] (1:37:33). Based on the novel by Karel Čapek.

Voyage to the End of the Universe ("Ikarie XB 1" 1963) [1080p] - full movie with English subtitles. Based on the novel The Magellanic Cloud by Stanislaw Lem.

Hungarian Science Fiction Films

Hungarian science-fiction films: Four to see, two to watch for

First Proper Trailer For Hungarian Steampunk SciFi THELOMERIS, With Mark Hamill

Thelomeris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Meteo (Rare Hungarian Science-Fiction Film 1990 - Help Needed To Translate)

Mór Jókai

Key SF/utopian-related work: The Novel of the Next Century, a.k.a. The Novel of the Coming Century; The Romance of the Coming Century
(1872-1874). No English translation.

See also the story “Csalavér.” No English translation.

Mór Jókai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jókai, Mór (Encyclopedia of Science Fiction)

Chapter XIII: National Escapism: Jókai (in A History of Hungarian Literature From the Earliest Times to the mid-1970's) by Lóránt Czigány

JÓKAI Mór: The Novel of Next Century (1872 - 1874): Foreword

The Novel of Next Century
Translated excerpts and chapter by chapter notes on Jókai Mór's early Science Fiction novel.

Jókai Mór: A jövo század regénye
(The Novel of Next Century in Hungarian)

Mór Jókai (1825-1904) | The Online Books Page

Jókai, Mór, 1825-1904: Project Gutenberg

Mór Jókai @ Ĝirafo

Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem – The Official Site

Rok Lema (Lem 2021)

Czechia 2020-2021 — Global AI Narratives: Central and Eastern Europe

2. From Čapek to Lem: AI in Eastern European Science Fiction (15 January 2021)


Stanisław Lem: Socio-Political Sci-Fi, by Carl Tighe, The Modern Language Review, Vol. 94, No. 3, July 1999, pp. 758-774. Also at JSTOR.

Stanislaw Lem's fictitious criticism of nonexisting books - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Golem - based on the short story by Stanislaw Lem (video)

Lem: The Star Diaries (audio): 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 28

Lem: The Star Diaries: 8th Voyage (audio)

Lem: The Star Diaries: 11th Voyage (audio)

Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) by David Auerbach, Waggish, 4 April 2006

Unlearning Habitual Cosmologies: Reading Stanisław Lem at the event horizon by Bogna Konior

the morning reading: Extracts from Golem XIV [audio in German]

“Verstrand’s Extelopedia in 44 Magnetomes” [2 excerpts] by Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem on Alien Invasions

Stanislaw Lem in Przekrój Magazine

Lem, Stanislaw. Imaginary Magnitude, translated from the Polish by Marc E. Heine. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1984.

Lem, Stanislaw. Microworlds: Writings on Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Franz Rottensteiner. New York: Harvest / HBJ, 1986.

CONTENTS Year of publication / original language Year of publication in English  

Introduction by Franz Rottensteiner                  

Reflections on My Life German 1984 1
On the Structural Analysis of Science Fiction 1970 / German 1970 31
Science Fiction: A Hopeless Case—with Exceptions  1972 / German 1973 45
Philip K. Dick: A Visionary Among the Charlatans 1975 / Polish 1975 106
The Time-Travel Story and Related Matters of Science-Fiction Structuring 1970 / Polish 1974 136
Metafantasia: The Possibilities of Science Fiction    1970 / Polish 1981 161
Cosmology and Science Fiction     German 1977 200
Todorov’s Fantastic Theory of Literature  1973 / Polish 1974 209
Unitas Oppositorum: The Prose of Jorge Luis Borges 1971 / German 1971 233
About the Strugatskys' Roadside Picnic   1977 / Polish 1983 243
Bibliography         279

“Science Fiction: A Hopeless Case—with Exceptions" (pp. 45-105).

“Unitas Oppositorum: The Prose of Jorge Luis Borges,” pp. 233-242. See also Stanislaw Lem on Jorge Luis Borges (Borges 16).

Several essays by and about Lem can be found in Science Fiction Studies (see below).

In Science Fiction Studies (1973- )

By Stanislaw Lem

"Lem, Central Europe, and the Genre of Technological Empire," in Peter Swirski, ed., Art and Science of Stanislaw Lem (McGill U. Press, 2006), pp. 130-152.

Solaris by Stanislaw Lem (YouTube, audio, Radio Dave, 1:53:04)

Lemography: Stanislaw Lem in the Eyes of the World, edited by Peter Swirski and Waclaw M. Osadnik. Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2014.

Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) en Esperanto

Josef Nesvadba

Josef Nesvadba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Josef Nesvadba - Summary Bibliography

Nesvadba, Josef / SFE

The Josef Nesvadba Page

Interview with Joseph Nesvadba (1996)

Translated SF | Josef Nesvadba

Josef Nesvadba: stories: Questions for reading


Micromegas (1752), in Candide and Other Stories, by Voltaire, translated with an introduction and notes by Roger Pearson (Oxford, UK; New York: Oxford University Press, 1990), pp. 101-121.

Science Fiction & Utopia in Yiddish

Fiks, Yevgeniy. “In Edenia, a City of the Future,” In geveb [A Journal of Yiddish Studies], November 1, 2018.

Zingman, Kalman. “In the Future City of Edenia (Part 1),” translated by Jordan Finkin,. In geveb [A Journal of Yiddish Studies], April 2019.

Ignatius Donnelly

Ignatius L. Donnelly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Caesar's Column (1890) (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

"'Some Unsuspected Author': Ignatius Donnelly and the Nineteenth-Century American Conspiracy Novel" by Alex Beringer

Ignatius Donnelly and the End of the World edited by Richard L. Meehan

Ignatius Donnelly, Prince of Cranks by J. M. Tyree, The Believer, August 2005 (vol. 3, no. 6).

Edwin Morgan (1920-2010)

A Home in Space by Edwin Morgan

The First Men on Mercury by Edwin Morgan

Some Favorite Authors & Others of Interest

Literary Works Online

Boye, Karin. Kallocain; translated by Gustaf Lannestock, introduction by Richard B. Vowles. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1966.

See also Kallocain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jerome, Jerome K. “The New Utopia” (1891).

Other Works Online

Anderson, Perry. Arguments Within English Marxism: Utopias, from Arguments Within English Marxism, 1980.

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Something’s Missing: A Discussion between Ernst Bloch and Theodor W. Adorno on the Contradictions of Utopian Longing” (1964), in The Utopian Function of Art and Literature: Selected Essays, by Ernst Bloch, translated by Jack Zipes and Frank Mecklenburg (Cambridge, MA; London: The MIT Press, 1988), pp. 1-17.

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Additional Bibliography

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Lynch, [John Gilbert] Bohun (1884-1928): Menace from the Moon

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Esperanto in early science fiction to 1930

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Volume IV: The Decadence of Scientific Romanice

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Literature, science, and science fiction — E.T.A. Hoffmann and the magic of mesmerism — Mary Shelley’s electric imagination — The human experiments of Edgar Allan Poe — Verne’s deep-sea investigations on dry land — Villiers de L’Isle-Adam’s invention of psychical research — H.G. Wells in the laboratory — Conclusion: the progress of literature and science; or, a refrain on interdisciplinarity.


Afro-Future Females: Black Writers Chart Science Fiction’s Newest New-Wave Trajectory, edited by Marleen S. Barr. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2008. Contents.

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    Postcolonial Science Fiction [review essay] by Michelle Reid.

Lock, Graham. Blutopia: Visions of the Future and Revisions of the Past in the Work of Sun Ra, Duke Ellington, and Anthony Braxton. Durham: Duke University Press, 1999.

Duke Ellington, Bluetopia (allmusic)

Blutopia (Live) (recording)

Duke Ellington - Madam Zajj / Ballet of the Flying Saucers (recording)

Black Steampunk / Negra Vaporpunko (Ĝirafo blog)


Afrofuturism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Socialism and Democracy, # 42 (Volume 20, No. 3): Socialism And Social Critique In Science Fiction [Science fiction + Afrofuturism]

Science Fiction and the Cultural Logic of Early Post Postmodernism by Marleen S. Barr

Afrofuturism Science Fiction and the History of the Future by Lisa Yaszek

Octavia Butler and the Base for American Socialism by Jonathan Scott

Flying Saucers Are Real! The US Navy, Unidentified Flying Objects, and the National Security State By Robert P. Horstemeier

We come from the future by Alain Vicky, Le Monde diplomatique in English, June 2013

Alternative Culture / Subcultures

Coilhouse: A Love Letter to Alternative Culture

Why Doesn’t Alt Culture Exist?

Circlet Press: Welcome to Circlet 2.0 ["erotic science fiction"]

Like the Hand of Time: Time Travel Erotica

Chocolatiers of the High Winds ebook [gay steampunk]

Dumain Offsite

Homage to Rod Serling, a Great American by Ralph Dumain

Steampunk @ Ĝirafo

Science fiction @ Reason & Society

Utopia @ Reason & Society

On This Site

Charles Fourier’s oceans of lemonade

The American Utopia by Eduard Batalov

Dr. Materialismus (quotes & synopsis) by Frederic Jesup Stimson

George Cary Eggleston on Science Fiction & Jules Verne (1874)

Jules Verne’s Lost Novel reviewed by Ralph Dumain

The Science Fiction of Mark Twain (Contents) ed. David Ketterer

Future Perfect: American Science Fiction of the Nineteenth Century—An Anthology [contents & links], compiled by H. Bruce Franklin

Yevgeny Zamyatin on Revolution, Entropy, Dogma and Heresy

Dystopia west, dystopia east: the vanishing of speculative fiction under Stalinism by Erika Gottlieb

C.L.R. James on the Secret of Hegel's Dialectic

Adorno on Hegel, totality, truth, utopia

Adorno to Bloch on the Blockage of Utopia

The prevention of literature: intellectual regimentation (1946) by George Orwell

Screed on the Politics of Utopianism by R. Dumain

Cultural Impasse & the Changing Forms of Ideality by R. Dumain

Voltaire’s philosophical tales: commentary by R. Dumain

Convergence on The Prisoner: From Leon Trotsky to George Orwell and Beyond by R. Dumain

Some Comments on The Prisoner by R. Dumain

Revisiting Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle by R. Dumain

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s “Breakfast of Champions”

Rod Serling (December 25, 1924 – June 28, 1975), A Great American by R. Dumain

Rod Serling in Buffalo, 18 Oct 1972: “The Twentieth Century and Other Absurdities”

The Martian Chronicles & Our Subjective Desires by R. Dumain

Groundhog Day: The Problem of Consciousness (film review) by R. Dumain

What Dreams May Come (film review) by R. Dumain

Alien Resurrection in the Ghetto (film review) by R. Dumain

Alien Intercourse (poem) by R. Dumain

Karel Čapek: The Absolute at Large: key philosophical excerpts

"Studies in a Dying Culture" blog:

Peter Swirski & artificial intelligence: the last gasp of bourgeois reason by Ralph Dumain

Stanislaw Lem on the hopeless science fiction ghetto

Metafantasia: On James Joyce, science fiction, & modernist narrative structures by Stanislaw Lem

“Verstrand’s Extelopedia in 44 Magnetomes” [2 excerpts] by Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem on Alien Invasions

Stanislaw Lem on Borges & genre

Stanislaw Lem on Jorge Luis Borges (Borges 16) 

Jorge Luis Borges sobre Olaf Stapledon [in Spanish]

A Prayer for James Joyce” by James Blish

Time travel lore (5): ‘Victory Over the Sun’

Ways of Thinking (artificial intelligence, cognitive science, Hungarian literature) by László Mérő

History of World Literature (Excerpt, 1941: Aldous Huxley) by Antal Szerb

Jókai’s Popularity in Victorian England” by Lóránt Czigány

Ruler of the Universe as Solipsist: from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"Love, Incorporated" / a.k.a. "Pilgrimage to Earth" (Quotes) by Robert Sheckley

FOR FUN: How Our Sun Warps Our Brains

Failure to Create: Wisdom from The Outer Limits

Richard Wright’s Outsider, Negroes & Flying Saucers

Simplex, Complex, & Multiplexity according to Samuel R. Delany

"Bonny Delany" by R. Dumain

Ash of Stars: One half of a dialogue on Samuel R. Delany by R. Dumain

Notes on Ubik by Philip K. Dick  by R. Dumain

Hussy“ [same story as “The Pest”], by Valentina Zhuravlyova, translated by Arthur Shkarovsky

"The Pest" by Valentina Zhuravlyova

"Storm" by Valentina Zhuravleva

"The Astronaut" by Valentina Zhuravleva

Stone from the Stars” by Valentina Zhuravleva

Star-Winds” (from Fungi from Yuggoth) by H. P. Lovecraft

The Planet Juggler” by J. George Frederick [excerpt with links]

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January 1964 (Volume 26, no. 1, whole no. 152)

International Science Fiction, Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1967

International Science Fiction, No. 2, June 1968

In The Cavalier:

The Hop on Hyperspace” by Frank Blighton

Space Travel in 1930 (from The World Book Encyclopedia)

Midwifing the "World Brain": SIG/AH & SIG/BSS Program, 50th ASIS Annual Meeting, Boston, 1987

Chapter VII: The Conflict of Languages from Anticipations by H. G. Wells

Red Stars: Political Aspects of Soviet Science Fiction by Patrick McGuire

Affective machines or the inner self? Drawing the boundaries of the female body in the socialist romantic imagination by Alexey Golubev

Lenin, H. G. Wells, & Science Fiction

Leon Trotsky on H. G. Wells as Philistine

The Life and Thought of H.G. Wells by Julius Kagarlitski

Universal Language in Soviet Science Fiction by Patrick McGuire

Mankind and the Year 2000 by V. Kosolapov

Lynch, [John Gilbert] Bohun (1884-1928): Menace from the Moon by Everet F. Bleiler

Karinthy, Frigyes (1887-1938) by Everet F. Bleiler

The Mars and District Post” (Mars és vidéke), by Frigyes Karinthy, translated by Mari Kuttna

Lukács on Futurology

5980 A.D.” by Robert Zend, with Esperanto translation by R. Dumain

Science fiction poems by Roberto Bolaño

Science-Fiction Magazines 1970-1980: Hungary by Mike Ashley

A Mad Look at Christmas” [On Toys & Imagination] by Dave Berg

Beyond Deduction and Induction: Towards Perfect Truth According to Edgar Allan Poe

Karl Marx on automatons, machinery, capital & labor

Historicism and Historical Prediction by Maurice Cornforth

The Fantastic in Literature (excerpts) by Eric S. Rabkin

Engels, Lukács, utopia, & genre theory by R. Dumain

Dialectic and Dystopia: A Century Before and After the Russian Revolution Through Literature (podcast transcript) by R. Dumain

Der Golem” (1847) [in German] by Leopold Weisel, with bibliography & links

The Cavalier: Covers & Contents

Esperanto in early science fiction to 1930 by Everet F. Bleiler

J. U. Giesy (John Ulrich, 1877-1948) & His Collaborators

Gary Saul Morson: Genre, Utopia, Sideshadowing, Tempics, Prosaics, Parody, Misanthropology, Philosophy, Literary Theory, Borges: Select Bibliography

Frankenstein at 200: A Very Selective Bibliographic & Web Guide

Karel Čapek: Selected Bibliography & Web Links

Karel Čapek’s R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots), 1920-2020, guide compiled by Ralph Dumain

Futurology, Science Fiction, Utopia, and Alienation in the Work of Imre Madách, György Lukács, and Other Hungarian Writers: Select Bibliography

Frigyes & Ferenc Karinthy in English

Sándor Szathmári (1897–1974): Bibliografio & Retgvidilo / Bibliography & Web Guide

Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) en Esperanto

Eugène Mouton: 19th Century Science Fiction Pioneer

Edward Page Mitchell (1852-1927), Science Fiction Pioneer: Time Travel, Hegel, and More

Enrique Gaspar y Rimbau: El anacronópete — The First Time Machine

«Le maître du temps» par Giuseppe Lipparini

The Man Who Was Solved by Dick Allen

Definition of ’Pataphysics by Alfred Jarry

The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction: Contents

The Big Book of Science Fiction: Contents (ed. Ann & Jeff Vandermeer)

Wandering Stars: an Anthology of Jewish Fantasy and Science Fiction & More Wandering Stars: Contents, ed. Jack Dann

Alfred Jarry’s “How to Construct a Time Machine”: A Web Guide 

H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine: Selected Bibliography

Jorge Luis Borges: Selected Study Materials on the Web 

Vladimir Nabokov: Science Fiction, Artificial Languages, Ars Combinatoria, Narrative Structure, Martin Gardner, Play: An Arbitrary Bibliography

Martin Gardner, Mathematical Games, & the Fourth Dimension (web guide & bibliography)

Valentina Zhuravlyova / Zhuravleva: English translations

James Blish: A Select Bibliographic Guide

Posadism: A Guide

Exotica, Curiosa, Crankery, Hoaxes, Cultural & Intellectual Arcana: Selected Web Guide & Bibliography

Black Studies, Music, America vs Europe: Study Guide

Anthony Braxton: Selected Bibliography

From Eden to Cain: Unorthodox Interpretations & Literary Transformations: Selected Bibliography

Mathematical Fiction & Related Works: A Guide

Sciencfikcio & Utopia Literaturo en Esperanto / Science Fiction & Utopian Literature in Esperanto: Gvidilo / A Guide

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