« Le maître du temps »

Giuseppe Lipparini

Traduit de l’italien par
Félicie Roussille

Les Annales politiques et littéraires; revue universelle. (Paris.) v. 52, 1909,
N° 1340 – 1350, du 26 Février au 9 Mai 1909.


No. 1340: 218-220
No. 1340: 207: “Giuseppe Lipparini” par Félicie Roussille; “Le «Maître du temps»” par Ricciotto Canudo
No. 1341: 243-244
No. 1342: 267-268
No. 1343: 291-292
No. 1344: 313-314
No. 1345: 337-338
No. 1346: 359-360
No. 1347: 381-382
No. 1347: 365-366: lettre: P. de Laget
No. 1348: 403-404
No. 1349: 424-426
No. 1350: 447-458

(27 p.)

The following web site contains some unusual information and categorizes time travel literature:

Archive N° 7 “Le Maitre du Temps” ou comment filmer l’histoire!

First there is a summary of Italian author Giuseppe Lipparini’s 1909 story “The Master of Time”, followed by a brief bio. The blogger then classifies fictional visitation of the past into four categories, with examples. Category 4 involves the journey back in time via images. Included here are Flammarion, Mouton, and Lipparini, along with their successors.

For further background see Eugène Mouton: 19th Century Science Fiction Pioneer.

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Definition of ’Pataphysics by Alfred Jarry

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Exotica, Curiosa, Crankery, Hoaxes, Cultural & Intellectual Arcana: Selected Web Guide & Bibliography


Archive N° 7 “Le Maitre du Temps” ou comment filmer l’histoire!

Giuseppe Lipparini - Wikipedia (In Italian)

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