“The Twentieth Century and Other Absurdities”

Rod Serling in Buffalo, New York, 18 October 1972

On 18 October 1972, Rod Serling gave a public talk at Buffalo State College (State University College at Buffalo), on “The Twentieth Century and Other Absurdities.” Here is a link to the only published reports on this event locatable to date, all contained in the attached PDF file, courtesy of the Buffalo State College Archives, and thanks to the efforts of Daniel M. DiLandro, College Archivist and Special Collections Librarian, E.H. Butler Library. My own memoir of Serling and this event is forthcoming. — R. Dumain

Three articles are contained herein, all from The Record [State University College at Buffalo]:

“Rod Serling speaks tomorrow at convocation in Social Hall,” Tuesday, October 19, 1972.

“Serling stabs TV programming, commercials, other absurdities,” vol. 75, no. 12, Oct. 20, 1972, p. 1.

Bisco, Jim. “Serling seems contradictory in his ideals and practices in media,” vol. 75, no. 12, Friday, Oct. 20, 1972, p. 6.

Rod Serling at Buffalo State College, 18 October 1972

(Courtesy of the Buffalo State College Archives)

Rod Serling in Buffalo, 18 Oct 1972:
“The Twentieth Century and Other Absurdities” (2):

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