The Magazine of

Fantasy and Science Fiction

January 1964

(Volume 26, no. 1, whole no. 152)




Pacifist Mack Reynolds 5
Starlight Rhapsody Zhuravleva Valentina 21
The Follower Wenzell Brown 29
Books Avram Davidson 40
The Tree of Time
(2nd of 2 parts)
Damon Knight 46
Thaw and Serve Allen Kim Lang 88
Nackles Curt Clark 97
Science: Round and Round and . . . Isaac Asimov 104
The Book of Elijah Edward Wellen 114
Ferdinand Feghoot: LXVIII Grendel Briarton 122
Apointment at 10 O'clock Robert Lory 123
F&SF Marketplace   129
Cover by Ed Emsh (illustrating “The Tree of Time”)

Starlight Rhapsody” by Valentina Zhuravleva,
translated from Esperanto by Donald J. Harlow

Starluma Rapsodio” de Ĵuravleva Valentina, tradukis Aleksej I. Verŝinin

International Science Fiction, Vol. 1, No. 1, November 1967: Front Cover (Both Sides) & Contents

International Science-Fiction, No. 2, June 1968: Cover, Contents, Editorial, Vietnam War Controversy

Valentina Zhuravlyova / Zhuravleva: English translations

Sciencfikcio & Utopia Literaturo en Esperanto / Science Fiction & Utopian Literature in Esperanto: Gvidilo / A Guide

Science Fiction & Utopia Research Resources: A Selective Work in Progress

Esperanto & Interlinguistics Study Guide / Retgvidilo al Esperanto & Interlingvistiko

Alireteje / Offsite:

Valentina Zhuravleva @ Ĝirafo

Starlight Rhapsody” by Valentina Zhuravleva
Moscow News, January 1, 1960. p. 7
(Different translation)

Chapter 11: Human Monsters Under My Bed (Sam's POV) by Alec Starr (Alec's Hidden Fics)

[December 21, 1963] Soaring and Plummeting (January 1964 Fantasy and Science Fiction)

Esperanto and Science-Fiction by Don Harlow

Valentina Nikolaevna Ĵuravlova
(sciencfikciaj rakontoj)

Valentina Ĵuravlova - Vikipedio

Valentina Zhuravleva - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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