Vladimir Nabokov:
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Narrative Structure, Martin Gardner, Play:
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I feel I understand
Existence, or at least a minute part
Of my existence, only through my art,
In terms of combinational delight;
And if my private universe scans right,
So does the verse of galaxies divine
Which I suspect is an iambic line. (11. 971-77)

       — Pale Fire

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Multimedia Commentary

Fugue No. 4: C-Sharp minor: Well-Tempered Clavier Book II (Bach fugue, with commentary, also on Nabokov)


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Martin Gardner

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Other Games

Moran, Ashley. "Nabokov's Dozen: A Board Game," NOJ / НОЖ: Nabokov Online Journal, Vol. II / 2008.


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"Symbols and Signs," The New Yorker, May 15, 1948.

"Transparent Things".


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"Muziko," tradukis Grigori Arosev, en Rusaj amnoveloj (Jekaterinburg: Sezonoj, 2000), p. 19-22. (Rusa Literaturo; 7)

El Kosmo Vidas Mi Nenion” de Ludmila Silnova

Pala Fajro, tradukis/adaptis Meva Maron, La Kromkancerkliniko, n-ro 7 (suplemento al La Kancerkliniko, n-ro 52, 1989)

(Ŝlosilvortoj: sciencfikcio, artefaritaj lingvoj, ars combinatoria, kombinatorio, rakonta strukturo, Martin Gardner, ludo)

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