Space Travel in 1930

SOURCE: "Astronomy," in The World Book Encyclopedia (Volume 1: From A to Beam), M.V. O'Shea, editor-in-chief (Chicago: W. F. Quarrie & Company, 1930), pp. 467-478, plate between p. 468 & 469.

I finally had to throw out one of the two moldy volumes of the 1930 World Book Encyclopedia which I had in my possession since early childhood. Even then it was conspicuously antiquated, with only 8 planets in the solar system (before the incorporation of Pluto) and World-War-I-era airplanes as the gauge of flight speed. This picture stuck in my memory for five or more decades, and so I thought to save it when finally parting with this volume. — R. Dumain, 14 May 2010

Forecasts of Future Trends in Space Exploration up to the Year 2030
(USSR, 1973)

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