Ernst Bloch on reason, unreason, the ‘non-contemporaneous’ & Nazism

Today the contradictions of this non-contemporaneity exclusively serve the forces of reaction; but in this almost undisturbed usability there lies a particular Marxist problem at the same time. The position of the ‘Irratio’ within the inadequate capitalist ‘Ratio’ has been all too abstractly cordoned off, instead of its being examined from case to case and the particular contradiction of this position possibly being concretely occupied. That is why dogs and false musicians were able to break into large, formerly socialist areas undisturbed. That is why these areas are not only quiet corners and arsenals of reaction but are in danger of remaining storm corners even for later on, even for victorious Marxism. It is high time to knock these weapons out of the hands of the forces of reaction. Especially high time to mobilize contradictions of non-contemporaneous strata against capitalism under socialist direction. The ‘Irratio’ must not be ridiculed wholesale here, but occupied: and from a position which has a rather more genuine awareness of ‘Irratio’ than the Nazis and their big business partners.

SOURCE: Bloch, Ernst. Preface to the 1935 edition (1934), in Heritage of Our Times, translated by Neville and Stephen Plaice (Berkeley; Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1991), p. 2.

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