Revolution or Reform? A Confrontation

Herbert Marcuse and Karl Popper

Marxism, Liberalism, and the Foundations of Scientific Method:  
           Introductory Essay — Frederic L. Bender                    


The Theses
Political Autobiography —
           Herbert Marcuse  
           Sir Karl Popper  
Critique and Program —
            Herbert Marcuse: The New Society  
            Sir Karl Popper: The Open Society    
Theoretical Background —
            Herbert Marcuse  
            Sir Karl Popper      
Afterword to the German Edition  
           Franz Stark

SOURCE: Marcuse, Herbert; Popper, Karl. Revolution or Reform? A Confrontation. Ed. A. T. Ferguson; trans. Michael Aylward & A. T. Ferguson; intro. Frederic L. Bender; afterword to German ed., Franz Stark. Chicago: Precedent Publishing Co., 1976. Originally published in German as Revolution oder Reform? Herbert Marcuse u. Karl Popper. Eine Konfrontation, ed. Franz Stark, 1972.

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