Phenomenology and Natural Existence:
Essays in Honor of Marvin Farber

Edited by Dale Riepe




            Reflections on the Career of Marvin Farber
            Roy Wood Sellars, University of Michigan            20

            Marvin Farber and the Program of Naturalistic Phenomenology
            D.C. Mathur, University of Rajasthan and State University
            College of New York at Brockport            26

            Marvin Farber as Teacher
            James E. Hansen, Brock University            41

            Marvin Farber Bibliography to 1971
            Lorraine W. Farber            47

2. PHENOMENOLOGY            55

            Mediation and Immediacy for Husserl
            Kah Kyung Cho, Seoul National University            56

            On the Phenomenology and Semiology of Art
            Mikel Dufrenne, University of Paris at Nanterre            83

            About the Motives which Led Husserl to Transcendental Idealism *
            Roman Ingarden, Krakow, Poland 95

            The Illusion of Presuppositionlessness
            Shia Moser, State University of New York at Buffalo            118

            Husserl: From Naturalism to the Phenomenological Encyclopedia
            Enzo Paci, University of Milan   131

            Temporal Description of Human Life
            Augusto Pescador, University of Concepción            142

            Ambiguities of Husserl's Notion of Constitution
            Nathan Rotenstreich, Hebrew University            151

3. NATURAL EXISTENCE            171

            The Natural Right to Aesthetic Satisfaction
            John P. Anton, Emory University            172

            Aesthetic Function
            Arnold Berleant, C W. Post College, Long Island University            183

            An Empirical Naturalistic Account of Metaphysics as Metascience
            Tad S Clements, State University of New York at Brockport            194

            Naturalism, and the Sense and Nonsense of "Free Will"
            C. J. Ducasse, Brown University            213

            The Rejection of Naturalistic Ethics
            Rollo Handy, State University of New York at Buffalo            217

            Ethical Naturalism and the Evidential‑Valuational Base
            Paul Kurtz, State University of New York at Buffalo            227

           The Contributions of Charles S. Peirce to Linear Algebra
            V. F. Lenzen, University of California, Berkeley            239

            The Fear of Freedom
            Franco Lombardi, University of Rome   255

            A Naturalistic Ontology of Causality
            Edward H. Madden and William T. Parry, State University
            of New York at Buffalo  

            Self‑Evidence and Perceptual Theories
            V. J. McGill, San Francisco State College            299

            Naturalistic Approach to Persons, Determinism, and Evidence
            Norman Melchert, Lehigh University            317

            On the Moral Weight of Deontic Statements
            Evangelos P. Papanoutsos, Athens, Greece             334

            A Naturalistic Interpretation of Authority, Ideology, and Violence
            Ch. Perelman, The University of Brussels                       342

            Reason and the Art of Living in Plato
            Wilfrid Sellars, University of Pittsburgh                   353

            Is Art a Language?
            Wladyslaw Tatarkiewiez, University of Warsaw                       378

CONCLUSION                     390


INDEX                        396


I wish to thank the contributors and translators among whom Kah Kyung Cho, Shia Moser and William T. Parry should receive special commendation. Mrs. Donna Iversen was indispensable in preparing the manuscript and handling the details of correspondence. My daughters Kathrine and Dorothy helped prepare the index, without which a book is never complete. Many others assisted in various ways. Their gracious help made preparing the book a most pleasant task.

Dale Riepe
Buffalo, New York
25 August 1970

SOURCE: Phenomenology and Natural Existence: Essays in Honor of Marvin Farber, edited by Dale Riepe (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1973), pp. v-viii.

NOTE (RD): According to Roman Ingarden: Ontology and Metaphysics. Selected Bibliography on the Theory and History of Ontology site, this is a partial translation. The full translation is:

Ingarden, Roman. On the Motives Which Led Husserl to Transcendental Idealism, translated by Arnór Hannibalsson. The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1975.

See also the abstract in the Ingarden bibliography. See there also, with abstracts:

Mohanty, Jitendra Nath. “Roman Ingarden’s Critique of Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology,”in Phenomenology: Between Essentialism and Transcendental Philosophy (Evanston: Northwestern University Press,1997), pp. 32-45.

Seifert, Joseph. “Roman Ingarden’s Realism and the Motives That Led Husserl to Adopt Transcendental Idealism: Critical Reflections on the Importance and Limits of Roman Ingarden’s Critique of Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology.” Reports on Philosophy (Jagiellonian University), no. 10:27-42; 1986.

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Phenomenology and Natural Existence: Essays in Honor of Marvin Farber

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