Surrealism: Selected Links

compiled by Ralph Dumain

Note: Surrealism is such a huge subject, there is no attempt to document it here thoroughly. Our main interest is to provide some general links and links to specific concerns, such as surrealism outside of Europe, surrealism’s racial and ethnic connections, the politics of surrealism, and specific figures. The primary purpose is to compile links on this web site concerning surrealism, surrealists, and related tendencies and figures, with selected links to other sites. Specific web pages on this site may link to web pages on other sites not listed here. Selected links to movements, avant-gardes, precursors, and other figures related to surrealism can also be found here.

On This Site

A Taxonomy of Surreal Taxonomists by Prentiss Riddle

Bouvard and Pécuchet by Maurice Nadeau

Of the Material / Du Materiel (Conclusion) by Alain Bosquet

Salvador Dali as Raymond Lull? (Salvador Dali & Alain Bosquet)

Salvador Dali on cybernetics (with Alain Bosquet)

André Breton Out of His Element by Edwin Denby

Romare Bearden on Black American Culture vs. the European Avant-Garde

“Hochherrschaftlich Möblierte Zehnzimmerwohnung” / “Manorially Furnished Ten-Room Apartment” by Walter Benjamin

“Anthropological Conditions of Modern Culture” (1964): Conclusion by Ivan Sviták

Adorno on Paul Valéry & Cartesian Rationalism & Irrationalism in French Philosophy

Anna Balakian on misbegotten intertextuality

Poetry, Jazz & Freedom” by Réne Ménil, translated by Keith Holloman

For Rene Menil, Caribbean Surrealist-Philosopher (Review) by R. Dumain

Badiou and the Bankruptcy of Fashionable French Philosophy by R. Dumain

Kontraŭ la Diktaturo de Alaho” [Against the dictatorshop of Allah] el Deklaracio de la Surrealistoj de Pakistano [from the Declaration of the Surrealists of Pakistan], tradukis R. Dumain (in Esperanto)

Paul Eluard

Donner a voir (title pages & contents) par Paul Eluard

René Magritte

Explanation Explained by René Magritte

René Magritte on the Revolutionary Artist vs. Folk Art & Stalinism

René Magritte to Harry Torczyner on Painting

René Magritte on Descartes, Berkeley, & confusion

René Magritte: Écrits Complets (Complete Writings: Contents & Indexes)

Magritte’s grotesquerie: from fear to pleasure

Borges, Magritte, & Escher by R. Dumain

Magritte Study Guide: Links & References

Joan Miró


Surrationally Yours” by R. Dumain

Gaston Bachelard on Surrationalism & a Revolution of Reason

Premières vues anciennes (Gaston Bachelard: Le Surrationalisme) par Paul Eluard

The Philosophy of No: The Various Metaphysical Explanations of a Scientific Concept by Gaston Bachelard

The Synthetic Value of the “Philosophy of No” by Gaston Bachelard

Excursus on Bachelard’s The Philosophy of No (Excerpt) by Maire Jaanus Kurrik

Alfred Jarry & ’Pataphysics

Definition of ’Pataphysics by Alfred Jarry

Alfred Jarry’s Time Machine & Michael Moorcock’s The Traps of Time

Contents + notes on Jarry: The Definitive Time Machine: A Critical Edition of H.G. Wells’s Scientific Romance

Alfred Jarry’s “How to Construct a Time Machine”: A Web Guide

Laughter by Marcel Schwob

Formal Logic of Pataphysics by René Daumal

Patalogic in the Garden of Sidamo by R. Dumain

Magritte, la Pataphysique et son Collège

Bibliographies & Web Guides

Alfred Jarry’s “How to Construct a Time Machine”: A Web Guide

Ars Combinatoria Study Guide

Black Music & the American Surrealists: A Bibliography

Bibliography of Board Games & Related Games & Recreations

Bibliography & Catalog of Board Games & Related Games & Recreations: Games Collection of Ralph Dumain: Supplement # 1 (1994-2008)

Exotica, Curiosa, Crankery, Hoaxes, Cultural & Intellectual Arcana: Selected Web Guide & Bibliography

Jorge Luis Borges: Selected Study Materials on the Web

On Other Sites

Surrealism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Dada/Surrealism | University of Iowa

Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies

The Surrealists Website

Bureau of Public Secrets


The Surrealist Movement in the United States

Radical America #04.01 (January 1970): Surrealism in the Service of Revolution

Journal of Surrealism and the Americas

Egyptian Surrealism

Manifesto of Surrealism by André Breton (1924)

“André Breton and problems of twentieth-century culture” by Frank Brenner and David Walsh (16 June 1997):
     Part 1 & Part 2

Truth and Presence: Poetic Imagination and Mathematical Physics in Gaston Bachelard, Chapter 22 of
Yorick’s World: Science and the Knowing Subject by Peter Caws (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993)

Kriegspiel: Anarchist War Gaming


Surrealist Publishers & Distributors

University of Texas Press: Surrealist Revolution series

Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company

Black Swan Press

AK Press

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