Ralph Dumain

Inspired by M. C. Escher

Day & Night (1938)

Is there freedom in taking flight?
Where opposites meet and melt and then depart?
What is the destination of customs and cities
and the whirling world indifferent to them?
It’s a whirling world cut into mirrors,
laid out in squares, a glorious puzzle
of forces driving in the Impersonal,
as our persons pause, for a silent moment, to see it.

Metamorphosis I (1937)

making patterns,
building building blocks,
varied shapes... Character units
form, character emerges in construction,
artistic design of artifacts...
Architectures meet flowing
unknown sea,

Written for the National Gallery of Art program
Virtual Studio | Reflective Writing: Mirrors and Metaphors,
August 15, 2022, 5:30 pm EDT.

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