Salvador Dali as Raymond Lull?

ALAIN BOSQUET: Dali, we’ve known each other for twenty-three years. You’re a holy terror, a monstre sacré. You’re probably a monster. And yet you call yourself “the divine Dali.”

SALVADOR DALI: I was dubbed that by one of the greatest writers in modern Spain. He said that Dali would have to be compared to Raymond Lull, and he added that I was the incarnation of Lull. Now Lull was known as Doctor Illuminatus and as the archangelical scholar. But since the latter epithet is too complicated, they finally settled on calling me le Divin.

A. B.: Who did?

S. D.: The Daliists.

A. B.: Who are they?

S. D.: The people who latch on to me, ostensibly because I can get them married to princes, or star them in a movie, or simply have my picture taken with them. They’re climbers; what the French call arrivistes.

A. B.: Arrivistes who exploit your divinity? How can you consent so readily to other people’s granting you this would-be divinity?

S. D.: I am a supreme swine. The symbol of perfection is a pig. Charles V himself adopted it to replace all other symbols of perfection. The pig makes his way with Jesuit cunning, but he never balks in the middle of the crap in our era. I feed my crap to the Daliists. Everybody’s satisfied. And everything’s just hunky-dory. Actually, those climbers are the finest imaginable.

SOURCE: Bosquet, Alain. Conversations with Dali (New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1969), beginning of First Conversation, p. 5.

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