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TÓTH, Endre (21 May 1931 - 28 April 1981), Hungarian. In 1945 he was blinded by an accidentally exploded artillery shell. He nonetheless went on to graduate from high school in 1949. Subsequently, he attended the Hungarian Academy of Music, where he earned diplomas as an organist and pianist, and the University of Budapest, earning a degree in literature. In addition to his native Hungarian he mastered English, Esperanto, French, and German. He taught at the Budapest Institute for the Blind and worked on the editorial staff of the daily Popular Sport. Book publication: Lappar, la Antikristo [“Lappar the Antichrist”] (collection of short stories, 1982).

Source: Trezoro: La Esperanta Novelarto 1887-1986, Vol. 2, edited by Reto Rossetti & Henri Vatré (Budapest: Hungara Esperanto-Asocio, 1989), p. 939. Translated from Esperanto by Ralph Dumain with editorial emendations by Lester Shepard. Volume 2 includes three stories by Tóth: "Groto" [in Esperanto] ["Cave" in English], "Lappar, la Antikristo", and "Kiel Abioj" [Like Fir Trees].

I had a specific reason for translating "Cave" ["Groto"] for this web site. When I first read this story a decade or so ago, I thought it was brilliant. My knowledge of literature is hardly encyclopedic, but this story struck me as unique and highly original. It is philosophically ingenious. I chose it because it is about knowledge, about the relationship of the individual to the universe of knowledge, as well as being highly symbolic. What do you do when you can't know everything but you want to get sufficiently oriented to be able to figure out where you are and what you can contribute? I find this story highly suggestive in this area. I chose it specifically for this reason. (Elsewhere on the site you can find extracts from the science fiction novel Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany, highlighting his notions of simplex-complex-multiplex. I pair this conceptually with "Groto" because it is also about the relation of self to the universe of knowledge, asking the most profound and basic questions.) In time, perhaps I will expand on my analysis.

Here I am beginning a memorial tribute and documentation center for Endre Tóth. To this end, it would help to expand the bibliography, perhaps even publish available texts of some of the referenced items: reviews, obituaries, discussions and critiques of Tóth in Esperanto. Perhaps there are other published works by Tóth not included in his book Lappar, la Antikristo. There are literary manuscripts by Tóth in Hungarian. Perhaps at least a bibliography of these could be compiled.

Another aspect is to solicit new information, analyses, and tributes to Tóth. One step would be to make inquiries to and via the Esperanto press. Perhaps a tribute to Tóth in the Esperanto press could be organized. Or on a web site. I intend to publish whatever I can in English on this site as a first priority, but I am open to publishing material in other languages as well.

Our major contributor to this project so far is Mr. Lester Shepard, who will offer his own personal knowledge and reminiscences of Mr. Tóth as well as analysis of his work.

If anyone else would like to contribute to this project, please contact me.


Post aperigo de mia anglalingva traduko de "Groto" [en Esperanto] de Endre Tóth ĉe ĉi tiu TeTT-ejo, mi ricevis anglalingvan komunikaĵon de amiko de la mortinta Tóth. Tiu havas hungarlingvajn manuskriptojn de Tóth. Nu, li skribis al mi kelkajn provizorajn anglalingvajn memoraĵojn pri la vivo kaj talentoj (muzikaj & beletraj) de Tóth. Mi decidis konstrui memoraĵon pri Tóth ĉi tie, precipe en la angla. Eble eventuale mi povos organizi ion similan en Esperanto, eble ĉi tie sed eble pli taŭge aliloke. Mi bezonas pluajn informojn el Esperantujo pri Tóth, ekz. bibliografiajn informojn: temas pri pluaj verkoj de Tóth krom tiuj kolektitaj en Lappar, la Antikristo, ankaŭ recenzoj kaj aliaj artikoloj pri liaj vivo kaj verkoj inkluzive de nekrologoj en la gazetaro. Ankaŭ informoj pri publikaĵoj en la hungara lingvo estas bonvenaj. Kontaktu min. Mi anticipe dankas ĉiujn kontribuontojn al ĉi tiu projekto.

Plua bibliografio:

Silfer, Giorgio. Lappar la Antikristo, Recenzo; Literatura Foiro, n-ro 120, augusto 1989, p. 30-31.


Cave” by Endre Tóth, translated by R. Dumain

Remembering Endre Tóth: Some Preliminary Notes
by Lester Shepard

Aŭtune de Endre Tóth

La murdita juglandarbo” de Endre Tóth

«Mi Ne Deziras Esti Juvelo»” de Georgi Miĥalkov

Esperanto & Interlinguistics Study Guide / Retgvidilo pri Esperanto & Interlingvistiko

Wisdom, Philosophy & Everyday Life — Theoretical Perspectives: An Unconventional Guide

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Lappar, La Antikristo (1982) - Endre Tóth (retejo Libro):

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Lappar, la antikristo de Endre TÓTH (pridiskutita teksto) - 17ª de Decembro de 2021 (Gilbert Ledon Legoklubo, YouTube, 1:05:08)

Antichrist - International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013 - IFFR

Antychryst (Adam Guzinski, 2003), short film / filmeto

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