Wisdom, Philosophy & Everyday Life —
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Compiled by Ralph Dumain

“Scholars of wisdom have no rest in this world or in the world to come.” — Talmud

“The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” — William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Writings by Ralph Dumain

Wisdom and Abstract Thought. 24 December 2003.

See also: APA Online Special Announcement: 12/27/03 Café Philo DC: “What is the Relation Between Abstract Thought and Wisdom?” (offsite).

How to Integrate Philosophy and Everyday Life: To Think Philosophically in Life, Or Reproduce the Fragmentation of Knowledge?. 27 September 2002.

Philosophy & Everyday Life: Prologue to Discussion. 14 October 2002.

Professional and Popular Philosophy: Online Debates. 27 December 2003.

The Philosophy of Originality: Vignettes. 18 April 2005.

Originality Blues: Tales of the ‘70s. 19 April 2005.

Antonio Gramsci, Organic Intellectuals, & the Division of Labor. 10 February 2000.

Review of Theodore Oizerman, Problems of the History of Philosophy.14 November 2003.

A Memorial Tribute to Endre Tóth. 12 August 2001.

Cave” by Endre Tóth, translated from Esperanto by R. Dumain. 27 June 2000.

"‘Philosophy’ and ‘Literature’: Relationships of Genres and the Frontiers of Thought" by R. Dumain

wisdom @ Studies in a Dying Culture

Paremiology. 13 April 2007.

Reactionary Chinese & other wisdom in comparative perspective. 14 January 2007.

Soviet Philosophy

Groys, Boris. “Elements of Gnosticism in Dialectical Materialism (Soviet Marxism),” e - flux, Issue #127, May 2022

Nonsense overall, but note the supposed ‘new self-understanding’ of dialectical materialism as “wisdom”’, per P. V. Alekseev.

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Theodor W. Adorno

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Perspectives from Fiction

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Tóth, Endre. “Cave,” translated from Esperanto by R. Dumain. 27 June 2000.

Other References

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Research / Web sites

Wisdom Research | The University of Chicago

Nicholas Maxwell

Valerie Tiberius

Expert Skill: A Model of Wisdom / Jason D. Swartwood

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Reference Works

Kaiser, Walter. “Wisdom of the Fool,” in Dictionary of the History of Ideas. Volume IV: Psychological Ideas in Antiquity to Zeitgeist; Philip P. Wiener, Editor In Chief (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1973), pp. 515-520.

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