Select Bibliography of Works by A. L. Morton

1  Books

A People’s History of England, Victor Gollancz, London 1938.

Language of Men, Cobbett Press 1945.

The English Utopia, Lawrence and Wishart 1952.

The British Labour Movement, 1770‑1920 (in collaboration with George Tate), Lawrence and Wishart 1956.

The Everlasting Gospel. A Study in the Sources of William Blake, Lawrence and Wishart 1958 (reprinted in The Matter of Britain).

Socialism in Britain, Lawrence and Wishart 1970.

The Matter of Britain. Essays in a Living Culture, Lawrence and Wishart 1966.

The World of the Ranters, Lawrence and Wishart 1970.

Collected Poems, Lawrence and Wishart 1977.

2  Editions

The Life and Ideas of Robert Owen, Lawrence and Wishart 1962, (expanded edition, Lawrence and Wishart 1984).

Political Writings of William Morris, Lawrence and Wishart 1973.

Freedom in Arms. A Selection of Leveller Writings, Lawrence and Wishart 1977.

3  Pamphlets

The Story of the English Revolution, Communist Party of Great Britain 1948.

When the People Arose. The Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, Communist Party of Great Britain 1981.

1688: How Glorious Was The Revolution?, Communist Party History Group 1988.

SOURCE: Morton, A. L. (Arthur Leslie). History and the Imagination: Selected Writings of A. L. Morton, edited by Margot Heinemann and Willie Thompson. London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1990. Select Bibliography of Works by A. L. Morton, p. 341.

Rebels and Their Causes: Essays in Honour of A. L. Morton
edited by Maurice Cornforth

British Marxism in Philosophy, Science, and Culture Before the New Left:
Essential Historical Surveys

Marx and Marxism Web Guide

Intellectual Life in Society, Conventional and Unconventional, & Related Topics:
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