LABOUR PROCESS IN THE FUTURE                                              179

Table 4                  

Trends in the Development of Transport Facilities

    Year           Type of Transport and Speed

   1978   Super‑tankers of 2‑3 million tons displacement. Freighters made
                of plastics (dacron, glass fibre, etc.). Revolution in con-
                 taineering (switch‑over to container freight carriage by all
                 types of transport). Gas pipelines 3.5-4 m in diameter

   1980   Cars with speed breaking and signalling controlled automa-
                 tically. Jet aircraft used exclusively. Transcontinental and
                 transoccanic pulp pipelines for the conveyance of ores

   1983   Electric trains with an average speed of 200‑250 km per hour.
                 Automobiles with a speed of 300 km. per hour. Transport
                 facilities for the ocean floor. Submarines powered by elec-
                 tromagnetic engines

   1985   Separation of highways into those for passenger traffic and
                 freight traffic. Hovercraft are used widely. Ocean‑going
                 hydrofoil vessels

   1990   Mass production of submarines capable of jet propelled flight
                at 500 km per hour. Individual means of air transport are

   1995   Electric trains with an average speed of 500‑600 km. per hour.
                 Mobile sanatoria and holiday hotels. Passenger aircraft with
                a speed of 12,000‑15,000 km per hour

   2000   Complete automation of continual flows using radar

   2005   Undersea apparatuses with characteristics approaching those
                of fish

   2020   Electromagnetic trains powered by jet engines with a speed
                of 2,000‑3,000 km per hour in a vacuum tunnel. Hovercraft
                with a displacement of 10,000 tons

   2030   Use of railway transport for freight carriage on the Moon.
                 Hovercraft‑type trains with a speed of 600‑800 km per hour.
                 Global transport system by ballistic missile

SOURCE: Kosolapov, V. Mankind and the Year 2000, translated by Y. Sviridov (Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1976), pp. 179. (Russian: 1973) From Chapter 5, Labour Process in the Future, pp. 148-180.

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