When It Comes to Revolution. . .

When it comes to revolution...

... we're all you've got left

SOURCE: “When It Comes to Revolution. . . / . . . We’re All You’ve Got Left,” National Lampoon, December 1973, pp. 39-40.

Note: This digitized issue (and probably others) is missing some pages, notably the ones reproduced above.

The early years of National Lampoon were thick with the fallout of the 1960s: Nixon, Vietnam, Black power, student radicalism, gurus, countercultures, pop music... The magazine was newer, edgier, more adult-oriented than the mainstream liberal Mad Magazine, whose content itself became more explicitly political in the crisis of the late 1960s (and which was eventually to be ridiculed by National Lampoon). These were the years I read the magazine, and this is one of the pieces I remember. The number of readers then who are conservatives a half century on might prove to be an embarrassment. — RD

... until you see the next guy
(cartoon by Duck_Edwing)

Gödel in fine dining (cartoon by Robert Mankoff)
in National Lampoon

“Mathematical Games” by Martin Gardner
(National Lampoon parody
by Danny Abelson & Ellis Weiner)

Esperanto More in Use
(National Lampoon parody, 1971)

National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook:
Kaleidoscope: Esperanto Club

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