Gödel in fine dining

Mankoff cartoon in National Lampoon


SOURCE: Cartoonist Robert Mankoff, “Your Problems Theirs” (pp. 60-63), National Lampoon, August 1983, p. 63.  (See also web site of Bob Mankoff.)

Caption: “The arithmetic seems correct, yet I find myself haunted by the idea that the basic axioms on which the arithmetic is based might give rise to contradictions that would then invalidate these computations.”

“Mathematical Games” by Martin Gardner
(National Lampoon parody
by Danny Abelson & Ellis Weiner)

National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook:
Kaleidoscope: Esperanto Club

Esperanto More in Use
(National Lampoon parody, 1971)

... until you see the next guy
(cartoon by Duck_Edwing)

When It Comes to Revolution. . .
(National Lampoon, Dec. 1973)

Formal Logic of Pataphysics
by René Daumal

“On the Dialectics of Metamathematics” (Excerpts)
by Peter Várdy

Irony, Humor, & Cynicism Study Guide

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