Someone has it worse than you

National Lampoon on rollers

SOURCE: Cartoonist Don “Duck” Edwing, National Lampoon, March 1971, p. 44.  (See also Comiclopedia.)

Caption: “. . . y ’know . . . you always think you have it rough . . . until you see the next guy . . .!!”

When It Comes to Revolution. . .
(National Lampoon, Dec. 1973)

Gödel in fine dining (cartoon by Robert Mankoff)
in National Lampoon

“Mathematical Games” by Martin Gardner
(National Lampoon parody
by Danny Abelson & Ellis Weiner)

National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook:
Kaleidoscope: Esperanto Club

Esperanto More in Use
(National Lampoon parody, 1971)

Mad’s Dave Berg Looks at Things (signed copy)

Putting Descartes Before the Horse
by Dave Berg

A Mad Look at Christmas
[On Toys & Imagination]
by Dave Berg

Irony, Humor, & Cynicism Study Guide

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