Macedonio: Selected Writings in Translation


vi               The Translators

viii              About This Anthology


1                Introduction by Jo Anne Engelbert

MACEDONIO: Selected Writings of Macedonio Fernández

I. Essays

18              Metaphysical Assumptions

20              Not All Waking Consciousness

                  Is the Open-eyed Variety

28              Toward A Theory of Humor (Fragment)

30              Toward A Theory of the Novel

II. Humor

38              Autobiography

40              Lecturability and the Put-On

42              Newcomer’s Cane

44              Involuntary Page

45              The Shrinking Patient

46              A Novel For Readers With Nerves of Steel

48              Article in Non-Collaboration

50              Letter to Jorge Luis Borges

III. Tales

54              The Squash That Became the Cosmos

58              The Surgery of Psychic Removal

67              Tantalia

IV. Novels

76             Adriana Buenos Aires:

                 The Last Bad Novel

81             Museum of the Novel of Eterna:

                 The First Good Novel

V. Poems

  98           Soft Enchantment

  99           Dying

100           Elena of the Beautiful Death

106           Love Has Left

                 This I Believed

107           Prayer To Life

Two Portraits of Macedonio

109           Jorge Luis Borges

119           Adolfo de Obieta

SOURCE: Fernández, Macedonio. Macedonio: Selected Writings in Translation, edited by Jo Anne Engelbert. Fort Worth, TX: Latitudes Press, 1984. 124 pp.

For extensive background, see:

Borinsky, Alicia. Theoretical Fables: The Pedagogical Dream in Contemporary Latin American Fiction. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993. See especially chapter 1: An Apprenticeship in Reading: Macedonio Fernández, pp. 1-16; see also chapter 2: Taming the Reader: Jorge Luis Borges, pp. 17-33.

From “Prologue to the Never-Seen”
by Macedonio Fernández

The First Good Meta-Novel?:
Review by R. Dumain

Macedonio Fernández
poem by Roberto Bolaño

Theoretical Fables: Conclusions (Excerpt)
by Alicia Borinsky

The Ideal Revolution: Romanticism and Its Legacy: V (Macedonio Fernández)
by Malcolm K. Read

Jorge Luis Borges & Lucien Goldmann’s Genetic Structuralism

Jorge Luis Borges: Selected Study Materials on the Web

Humor & Philosophy: Selected Bibliography

Irony, Humor, & Cynicism Study Guide


Macedonio Fernández @ Ĝirafo

Macedonio Fernández - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Museum of Eterna's Novel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Macedonio Fernández: A Museum of Possible Literatures"
by Kate Bowen, The Argentina Independent, 29 December 2011

A Mini Intro to Macedonio Fernandez

Macedonio Fernández: The Man Who Invented Borges
by Marcelo Ballvé

Macedonio Fernández at the Front of the Rearguard
by Robert Wells
(Política común, vol. 6, 2014)

WJ and Borges Again: The Riddle of the Correspondence with Macedonio Fernández
by Jaime Nubiola
(Streams of William James, Volume 3, Issue 2, Fall 2001)

Unwriting the Author:
Affect and Authorship in Macedonio Fernández, Felisberto Hernández, and Clarice Lispector

by Camille Jordan Sutton
(PhD dissertation, Spanish, Vanderbilt University, 2014)

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