International Language Review

List of issues with selected contents of interest

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

NEED: Issues #1, 3, 20, 22

Vol. II, Jan-March 1956, no. 2

An Open Forum for Interlinguists (reprinted from issue #1)

Vol. II, July-Sept. 1956, no. 4

Vol. II, Oct.-Dec. 1956, no. 5

Vol. III, Jan.-March 1957, no. 6

Signs and Symbols Could Have Saved the World (Floyd Hardin)

Vol. III, April-June 1957, no. 7

Symposium on language and culture

Vol. III, July-Sept. 1957, no. 8

Vol. IV, Oct. 1957 – March 1958, no. 9-10

Vol. IV, April-June 1958, no. 11

Albert Guerard on Mario Pei

Vol. IV, July-Sept. 1958, no. 12

Language and the Rhetorical Representation of Life (Floyd Hardin)

The Interlanguage in the Space Age (Lewis J. Grant)

Esperanto in the USSR Today (G. Korotkevich)

Vol. V, Oct.-Dec. 1958, no. 13

Vol. V, January-March 1958, no. 14

Vol. V, April-June 1959, no. 15

Psychology of the Invention of Artificial Languages (Jaroslav Stuchlik)

Vol. V, July-Dec. 1959, no. 16-17

Stalin’s Views on a World Language (Jaroslav Stuchlik)

Vol. VI, Jan.-March 1960, no. 18

Obits for Albert Leon Guerard

Vol. VI, April-June 1960, no. 19

To My Unknown Friends in India (Albert Leon Guerard)

Discussion of Loglan – Part One

Vol. VI, Oct-Dec 1960, no. 21

Discussion of Loglan – Part Two

Vol. VII, April-June 1961, no. 23

Petro Stoyan (M. Monnerot-Dumaine) [in French]

Vol. VII, July-Dec. 1961, no. 24-25

Artificial Languages in 17th Century Thought (Peter R. Kinghts)

Vol. VIII, Jan.-March 1962, no. 26

Constructed Languages in Fiction (Gerd Fraenkel)

Some Reflections on the Psychology of Language Inventing (Stanley A. Mulaik)

Vol. VIII, April-June 1962, no. 27

Universal Language and Operational Sign (George Beecher)

Letters to President Kennedy

Vol. VIII, July-Sept. 1962, no. 28

Symposium on Esperanto

Vol. IX, Oct. 1962 – March 1963, no. 29-30

Symposium on Esperanto – Part Two

Vol. X, April-June 1963, no. 31

Lidia Zamenhof—Mia Spirita Fratino (Roan Orloff Stone)

Symposium on Esperanto – Part Three

Vol. X, July-Sept. 1963, no. 32

Symposium on Esperanto – Part Four

Vol. XI, Jan.-Feb. 1964, no. 33

Mourning President Kennedy

Vol. XI, March-April 1964, no. 34

Vol. XI, May-June 1964, no. 35

Vol. XI, July-Oct. 1964, no. 36-37

Poverty in America (Helen Bowyer)

Vol. XI, Nov.-Dec. 1964, no. 38

Language and the Great Society (Floyd Hardin)

Zilengo—an Early Attempt at a Constructed Language (Tetsuo Harada)

Inga, A New Interlanguage Proposal (Barnett Russell)

Review: La Mondo en Koloroj: Nederlando (Edward Lindberg)

Vol. XII, Jan.-April 1965, no. 39-40

Vol. XII, May-June 1965, no. 41

Highlights in the History of Philosophical Languages

Ro: A Scientific Language (Edward P. Foster)

Spoken Mathematics: The Numaudo Code (Ivor Darreg)

Suma Ribo Fino, Suma Word Pairs (Barnett Russell)

Vol. XII, July-October 1965, no. 42-43

Symposium on Philosophical & A Priori Constructed Languages (Part 1):

Ro-Roget (Alexander Gode)

A Comparison of Ro and Suma (Barnett Russell)

Some Remarks on Philosophical Languages (Erich Funke)

Review: Europe as a Cultural Entity (Margaret Hagler)

A Little-Known Mathematical Ideolographie

Vol. XIII, Nov. 1965 – Feb. 1966, no. 44-45

The First Ten Years of the International Language Review (Floyd Hardin)

Symposium on Philosophical & A Priori Constructed Languages (Part 2):

A Priori Constructed Languages (Donald Broadribb)

Les Langues Philosophiques (Noubar Agopoff)

Philosophical (A Priori) Versus A Posteriori Languages (Gerd Fraenkel)

Philosophical Languages and Semantics (Wilfrid E. Reeve)

Dinasaurs and Philosophical Languages (Carl A. Rostrom)

Review: From Ro to Unilingua (Robert N. Yetter)

Vol. XIII, March-Sept. 1966, no. 46-47

Symposium on Philosophical & A Priori Constructed Languages (Part 3):

A Priori Constructed Languages (Lewis J. Grant, Jr.)

Some Comments on Language Planning (J. L. Mainprice)

Some Remarks on Ro (R. F. Trimble)

Some Remarks about Suma (Barnett Russell)

Ro—Codice E Lingua? (In Interlingua) (K. Wilgenhof)

Review: New Edition of Suma. A Criticism (B. Russell)

Vol. XIV, Oct. 1966 – March 1967, no. 48-49

A New Editorial Policy

The International Language Movement in Poland (Krzysztof Mignon)

Vol. XIV, March 1967 – March 1968, no. 50

International Language Reporter, Vol. XV, 1st Quarter 1969, No. 51. Continues International Language Review, incorporating Biophilist. Editor: John Ragsdale. Denver. Quarterly. Vols.15-16 (no. 51-58); 1st quarter 1969 - 4th quarter 1970.

Eco-Logos, vol. XVII, 1st quarter 1971, no. 59. Continues International Language Reporter. Quarterly. Vols. 17-25 (no. 59-94); 1971-1979.

Signs and Symbols Could Have Saved the World” by Floyd Hardin

Language and the Rhetorical Representation of Life” by Floyd Hardin

Circular: Letter to Floyd Hardin, October 3, 1958
from Mario Pei

The International Language Association: A Prospectus and Report

“A critique of Loglan” & “The irregularity of Interlingua”
by W. A. Verloren van Themaat
(Eco-logos, no. 82, 4th quarter, 1976)

Two Poems by A. D. Foote
(Eco-logos, 4th quarter, 1976)

Quest for World Language Called Brawling Competition
(The Blade [Toledo, Ohio], Wednesday, August 14, 1963, p. 9)

Ludadi sur vulkano” de G. F. Makkink

Philosophical and Universal Languages, 1600-1800, and Related Themes: Selected Bibliography

Esperanto & Interlinguistics Study Guide / Retgvidilo pri Esperanto & Interlingvistiko

On other sites:

Lalortel, a New International Language by Robert N. Yetter
(International Language Review, April-June 1959)
[dead link, also not archived]

Five Theses to Hammer on the Gates of Babel by Alexander Gode
(International Language Review, October 1962-March 1963)

The Gode-Lapenna Debate
(International Language Review, April-June 1963)
Alternative site

Remarks on the Esperanto Symposium by Mario Pei
(International Language Review, July-September 1963)

Letter to Floyd Hardin from John L. Lewine
(International Language Review, July-Oct. 1964)

Whorfian linguistic relativism and constructed languages
by W. A. Verloren van Themaat
(International Language Reporter, 3rd quarter 1969)

Esperanto and the ideology of constructed languages
by Donald Broadribb
(International Language Reporter, 2d quarter 1970)

Two Letters from John Lewine
(International Language Reporter
, 3rd Quarter 1969, p. 12;
Eco-logos, 1st Quarter 1971, pp. 12-13)

On a Foundational Triad of Plinths
by John W. Ragsdale
(Eco-logos, Vol. 25 (No. 92, 1-2,. 1979), pp. 8-12)
[From the Erich Fromm Document Center]

Quest for World Language Called Brawling Competition
(The Blade [Toledo, Ohio], Wednesday, August 14, 1963, p. 9)

Floyd Barnes Hardin | Soul of the Gypsy
(with related links)

A letter from Oliver's sister, Vivian | Soul of the Gypsy
(with related links)

Floyd Hardin: 1886-1971
(Eco-Logos, 1st Quarter 1971, p. 12)
[dead link, but see following:]

Floyd Hardin @ listserv AUXLANG (LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU)
[type in search string "Hardin"]

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