BBC Wiltshire Interview on The Autodidact Project

I was interviewed by Graham Seaman of BBC Wiltshire on Wednesday, 18 February 2015, and the slightly edited interview was broadcast on Graham's lunchtime program the next day, 19/02/2015, at 12-2pm GMT/WET. This is the web page for this show:

Graham Seaman, BBC Wiltshire

You can listen to the program for 29 days following the broadcast date.

Graham begins the afternoon by mentioning “autodidacticism” as one of his topics for the day (05:30), deliberately mispronouncing the word, promising to practice to get it right. He announces the topic again (11:13): self-teaching has been a topic discussed during the week; this time he mentions me as the person who will be interviewed. Graham announces the topic of autodidacticism at 26:30, deliberately stumbling over the word again. A song follows.

He announces his interview with me (30:53); the interview follows (up to 35:14), with some final remarks by Graham (up to 35:55). Graham asks his audience for their own experiences of self-teaching at 39:00-40:10.

The mp3 sound file linked below covers the introduction + our conversation (30:53-35:14 from the original program):

RALPH DUMAIN on BBC Wiltshire 19-02-15
(4:20 min)

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