Models: Representation and the Scientific Understanding

Marx W. Wartofsky





1. The Model Muddle: Proposals for an Immodest Realism (1966) 1

2. Reduction, Explanation and Ontology (1962) 12

3. Models, Metaphysics and the Vagaries of Empiricism (1965) 24

4. Metaphysics as Heuristic for Science (1965) 40

5. Matter, Action and Interaction (1973) 90

6. Towards a Critical Materialism (1971) 104

7. The Relation Between Philosophy of Science and History of Science (1977) 119

8. Telos and Technique: Models as Modes of Action (1968) 140

9. From Praxis to Logos: Genetic Epistemology and Physics (1971) 154

10. Pictures, Representation, and the Understanding (1972) 175

11. Perception, Representation, and the Forms of Action: Towards an Historical Epistemology (1973) 188

12. Rules and Representation: The Virtues of Constancy and Fidelity Put in Perspective (1978) 211

13. Action and Passion: Spinoza's Construction of a Scientific Psychology (1973) 231

14. Nature, Number and Individuals: Motive and Method in Spinoza's Philosophy (1978) 255

15. Hume's Concept of Identity and the Principium Individuationis (1961) 277

16. Diderot and the Development of Materialist Monism (1953) 297

17. Art and Technology: Conflicting Models of Education? The Uses of a Cultural Myth (1973) 338

18. Art as Humanizing Praxis (1976) 357



SOURCE: Wartofsky, Marx W. Models: Representation and the Scientific Understanding. Dordrecht, Holland: D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1979. (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science; v. 48) (Synthese Library; v. 129) xxvi, 398 pp. Contents, pp. ix-x.

See also:

Wartofsky, Marx W. "Metaphysics as Heuristic for Science," in In Memory of Norwood Russell Hanson: Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science, 1964-66, edited by Robert S. Cohen and Marx W. Wartofsky (Dordrecht, Holland: D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1967), pp. 123-172; comment by Ruth Anna Putnam, 173-180. (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science; v. 3) [—RD, 20 December 2016]

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