Baruch Spinoza

by Jorge Luis Borges

A haze of gold, the Occident lights up
The window. Now, the assiduous manuscript
Is waiting, weighed down with the infinite.
Someone is building God in a dark cup.
A man engenders God. He is a Jew.
With saddened eyes and lemon-colored skin;
Time carries him the way a leaf, dropped in
A river, is borne off by waters to
Its end. No matter. The magician moved
Carves out his God with fine geometry;
From his disease, from nothing, he's begun
To construct God, using the word. No one
Is granted such prodigious love as he:
The love that has no hope of being loved.

SOURCE: Borges, Jorge Luis. "Baruch Spinoza" [from The Unending Rose], translation by Willis Barnstone, in Borges' Selected Poems, edited by Alexander Coleman. (New York: Viking, 1999), p. 383.

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