Nonsense is the Fourth Dimension of Literature

Nonsense is the 4th dimension of literature

SOURCE: Burgess, Gelett (1866-1951). The Burgess Nonsense Book [being a complete collection of the humorous masterpieces of Gelett Burgess, Esq., … adorned with less than a million heart rending illustrations by the author]. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1901. Frontispiece.

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Throesch, Elizabeth. “Nonsense is the Fourth Dimension of Literature: Hyperspace Philosophy, the ‘New’ Mathematics, and the Alice Books,” in Alice beyond Wonderland: Essays for the Twenty-First Century, edited by Cristopher Hollingsworth, foreword by Karoline Leach (Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2009), pp. 37-52.

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