Sense and Nonsense of McLuhan

Sidney Finkelstein


1. The Revolution in Media and a Revolutionary Kind of Book, 7

2. McLuhanese History vs. Real History, 15

3. The Mythical War of the Senses, 31

4. The Medium and the Deceptive Message, 47


5. Art Extensions vs. Media Amputations of Man, 61

6. Hot, Cool and the Brainless Involvement, 79


7. McLuhan’s Totalitarianism and Human Resilience, 105

SOURCE: Finkelstein, Sidney. Sense and Nonsense of McLuhan. New York: International Publishers, 1968. 122 pp.

Details, details! (From Marshall & Me blog)

“Not Since Babel” (Conclusion) by Edmund Carpenter

The Future of Literacy edited by Robert Disch

Mass Media and Creative Thinking
by Henri Wald

Theodor W. Adorno & Critical Theory Study Guide

Marx and Marxism Web Guide


Sidney Finkelstein: an appreciation of the great Marxist cultural critic
by Daniel Rosenberg (12 January 2018)

Sidney Finkelstein Papers 1914-1974
(Special Collections & University Archives,
University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries)

Details, details! (From Marshall & Me blog)

Marshall McLuhan’s Myth of Print History: An Apology
by Melissa Correll

 “The Dialectical Methods of Marshall McLuhan, Marxism, and Critical Theory
by Paul Grosswiler

Morphing McLuhan: Medium Theory for a New Millennium
by Joshua Meyrowitz

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