“I think a sunset seen        
through a Negro’s eyes    
would really be a sunset.”

— Claude Moore

Gold Is The Shade Esperanto

Long green symbolized by
Gold is the shade Esperanto. Gold is the paragon.
The tint of the sun at noon or at setting
is gold; gold the first tinge of dawn.

for gold, gold, gold and the effort of getting
more gold is labored toward, focused on.
and tots are soon weaned of their baby girl pinks
denied their babyboy blues,

Early taught
gold the lion, the owl, the link
to this chain. Cold the juggernaut.

and gold is the color that all poets use;
golden lights, golden days are never cliche.
Gold is coined without tricks or excuse.

and few turn a hand toward a rainbow tint.
Few of ebony, flesh, or tan tone stray.
Few dare daub a sunset or hazard a hint

of the urge to sonnet to one. So the bold
indigo witchery and tangerine haze with
which our African ancestors colored their gaze
has nearly grown cold,
and the sunset today, like a beacon glaze
is a vision of glittering gold.

— Margaret Danner

SOURCE: Danner, Margaret. "Gold Is The Shade Esperanto," Negro Digest, July 1969, p. 70.

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