Nova Serio, #5                                Junio-Septembro 1987


Redaktoro: Ralph Dumain






Sunday, Sept. 27, 1987, 2:30 pm, Baha'i Center, 5713 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC:  first General meeting of the Esperanto Society of Washington of the fall season.  Items on the program: introduction to the Esperanto movement for newcomers, experiences of the Universal Congress in Poland, Martha Flores's recent European trip, news and recent events.  ALL WELCOME!


Starting Sunday, Sept. 27, 1987, 1-2:30 pm, Baha'i Center, 5713 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC:  beginners' Esperanto classes.  Classes will meet weekly, same place, same time.  Classes will also be taught in Northern Virginia beginning Saturday, Sept. 26 at 2:00 pm.  Contact: John Dale at (703) 821-6623 for further information.


Sunday, October 11 - Monday October 12, 1987:  A busload of approximately 30 Polish Esperantists on tour will visit Washington.  We intend to arrange a special event in their honor, and will inform you when the plans our set.  Meanwhile, if you have any ideas for celebrating the visit of our Polish friends, please contact David Gaines.


Sunday, December 13, 1987, 5:30 pm, Golden China Restaurant, Woodlawn (near Baltimore), MD:  Annual Zamenhof Banquet of the Esperanto Society of Baltimore in honor of the creator of Esperanto.  All are invited.





NOTE:  Addresses and phone numbers of contact persons mentioned in this newsletter are listed on page 6 if not listed with their respective announcements.


VAŜINGTONA KULTURA REVUO:  We need an editor for our "Washington Cultural Review" which is intended to provide a forum for our members to express themselves in writing (see announcement in the previous bulletin).  Volunteers contact Ralph Dumain.


ESTRARANOJ POR 1988 BEZONATAJ:  Ni bonvenigas kandidatojn por la estraro de nia societo.  David Gaines ne akceptos la postenon de la prezidanto por 1988.  Ralph Dumain ne daŭuros kiel sekretario aŭ redaktoro de ĉi tiu bulteno.  Darryl Wills forlasis ĉi tiun regionon.  La societo bezonas vian kontribuon.


SHOW AND TELL:  None of us is rich enough to subscribe to all the Esperanto magazines and buy all the new books.  If you can, make a habit of bringing newly acquired materials to the meetings to show the rest of us, especially recent issues of magazines.  I myself subscribe to Biblioteka Bulteno, ELNA Newsletter, Esperanto, Fonto, Informilo de IEMW, Informilo por Interlingvistoj, Kontakto, Literatura Foiro, Planlingvistiko, Sennaciulo, Simpozio.  I would like to see issues of Aktuala Komputiko, Filologo, Fokuso (antaŭe Internacia Komputado), Heroldo de Esperanto, Hungara Vivo, Interkomputa Revuo, Interlingvistika Informa Servo, Internaciisto, La Kancerkliniko, Lingvaj Problemoj kaj Lingvo-Planado, Monato, Scienca Revuo, Sennacieca Revuo.



NEWS OF OUR MEMBERS:  Charles Donoghue has temporarily left the Washington area for South Carolina.  Darryl Wills has left the Washington area for Boston, Mass. where he has just begun a course of study at MIT leading to a PhD in Economics.  Congratulations!  We would like to congratulate Tom Storck on the birth of his new baby, but we must also express our condolences on the sudden, tragic death of his wife.


AMERICAN ESPERANTO POET Julius Balbin recently published his second bilingual volume of poetry in English and Esperanto about his experiences as a concentration camp victim: The Bitch of Buchenwald.  Both this and his previous work, Strangled Cries, were published by Cross-Cultural Communications, a publisher of literary works by smaller, less-powerful nations and linguistic groups.  Bilingual audiocassettes will be available in the future.  This is the only publisher in the United States that is publishing Esperanto literary works, and it is not an Esperanto press.  For this reason alone, please think about supporting the publisher's endeavors by purchasing these works.  This announcement is not to be construed as an endorsement of Dr. Balbin's books.  For further information contact Ralph Dumain locally or write directly to Cross-Cultural Communications, 239 Wynsum Ave., Merrick, NY  11566.


ACADEMIC STUDY OF THE ESPERANTO-SPEAKING COMMUNITY:  Many of you met Laurie Notch, an anthropology student at American University who made a pilot study of the Esperanto-speaking groups of the Washington and Baltimore areas and of the participants of the ELNA Congress.  She finished the project as best she could within the severe time limitations of her course.  She agrees that her paper if properly revised would make an interesting publication in social anthropology but it is not suitable for publication in its present form.  Laurie will be moving to Kenya in December to begin work on a new job in foreign language education and thus will not likely to be in a position to continue her research into the Esperanto movement any time soon.   She thanks all of us for our help in her research.


KORESPONDANTOJ SERĈATAJ!  S-ro Grzegorz (Gregoro) Borys, ul. Piaskowa 34 m. 2, PL. 26-110 Skarzysko-Kam., Pollando, serĉas gekorespondantojn kiuj dividas siajn interesojn pri vegetarismo, nutrado per fruktoj sole, konceptoj de sano korpa kaj psika, latentaj homaj kapabloj.  S-ro Mehrdad Yousefian, Sartip Fakouri Str. - 210, Kaje Str., Dr. Fatemi Str., Tehran 14138, Irano, volas korespondi pri komputoroj kaj pri filozofiaj temoj.





Saluton!  Following a slow August after the ELNA Convention we are now back in full swing for the fall.  On September 13th we ran a very successful information booth at Adams-Morgan Day in Washington.  John Dale has initiated a new, more cohesive series of beginning classes.  On October 11th we will host a group of visiting Esperantists from Poland.  If you are interested in this latter event, or if you would like to organize an intermediate or advanced class, please call me.  Note my NEW address and phone number on page 6.


As the year starts winding to a close, remember the Society as you write membership renewal checks.  1988 dues are payable soon, and there may be an increase, so watch out for further information, or better yet come to our next meeting to find out what's happening!


Amike, Dave Gaines





Je la 13-a de septembro via societo disdonis broŝurojn, libretojn, kaj informilojn al preskaŭ 200 homoj ĉe la fama "Tago de Adams-Morgan," fama kvartalo de Vaŝingtono.  La "Tago" estas ĉiujara impona stratfesto kaj foiro, kiun ĉeestas kutime 200 000 homoj.  Multaj edukaj, muzikaj, politikaj, ktp. grupoj partoprenas por ludi, vendi kaj varbi.  Sub la verda standardo, kelkaj gesamideanoj varbis pri Esperanto kaj loka agado.  Multaj personoj subskribis peticion konstruitan de John Dale sendotan al lokaj lernejestroj por starigo de klasoj pri Esperanto.  Interese, la plejparto de preterpasintoj jam aŭdis pri Esperanto kaj subtenas la ideon.  Ni gajnis 31 novajn nomojn por nia adresaro.  Ni eĉ gajnis kvar novajn membrojn!  Fakte, ni ricevis tiom da informpetoj, ke nia stoko de senpagaj informiloj preskaŭ elĉerpiĝis!  Dankon al Tim Ryan, Ralph Dumain, Charles Donoghue, Pilar Solis, Martha Flores, John Dale, kaj Nezhat Sirjani pro helpo (kaj ankaŭ al la raportinto David Gaines).




Sunday, June 14, 1987, 2:30 pm, home of S-ino Martha Flores:  General meeting of the Esperanto Society of Washington.  This meeting consisted mostly of excellent food and informal conversation.  David Gaines and Darryl Wills recounted their Esperanto-related adventures in Brazil and showed publications and record albums from Brazil and photographs of their visit.  Some new members and long-absent veterans showed up and were introduced.  Some business was conducted, mostly discussion of plans for the ELNA Congress.



Sunday, June 21, 1987, Al Morey's farm near Jarrettsville, MD:  Annual picnic of the Esperanto Club of Baltimore.  Most of us Washingtonians got lost en route, trying to interpret the Baltimore society's cryptic map and getting confused by Maryland's user-hostile road signs.  Even those of us who arrived several hours late had a good time eating the pot-luck food dishes and refreshments and conversing with old and new friends in the greater Baltimore area and northern Maryland.


Saturday, July 18 - Wednesday, July 22, 1987, Georgetown University, Washington, DC:  Jubilee Congress of the Esperanto League for North America.  We will issue a full report at a later date.  The conference was reasonably successful from the standpoint of content.  We had our moments of bitter controversy but at least we were not boring.  There were some SNAFUs in the technical arrangements for the conference, which were no fault of the local conference committee.  A few outsiders showed up and became interested in Esperanto.  We were interviewed by the Voice of America and a reporter for the Los Angeles Times who wrote a 1 1/2 page article which was the sole news article dealing with the ELNA Congress and problems of the American Esperanto movement.


Saturday, Sept. 12, 1987:  Peace Fair, Frederick City Recreation Center, MD: Esperanto exhibit by John Dale and Charles Donoghue.


Sunday, Sept. 13, 1987:  Adams-Morgan Day.  Our information booth at this popular annual neighborhood festival was surprisingly successful.  We must have given out information to 200 people and 35 signed our mailing list.  See page 3 for David's complete report.  Thanks are due to David Gaines for organizing this event and to the several volunteers who helped out.


Saturday, Sept. 19, 1987:  Ralph Dumain met with visiting Esperantists Mr. and Mrs. Corrado from Milan, Italy (thanks to a tip from Tom Goldman, who met with them the previous day).  A bystander listening in was impressed to hear us conversing in Esperanto.  Mrs. Corrado speaks no English and was only capable of communicating with the listener because the latter happened to know Italian.  The Corrados send their greetings to all of us.  They are now in New York.





"Aspiring to Esperanto," Letters column, Time, August 24, 1987, p. 9.  Three reactions to the Time magazine article on Esperanto.


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Rossolillo, Francesco, "Federalism and Linguistic Behaviour," The Federalist, vol. 29, no. 1, 1987, p. 17-41.  Lengthy argument for trilingualism with unfavorable comments about Esperanto.


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"Usonaj esperantistoj vizitas Mondan Sidejon de LBV en Brazilo," Jornal da LBV (Legio de Bona Volo) n-ro 50/87, p. 7, aldona foto sur la malantaŭa kovrilo.


Wenz, Cynthia N.  "Modest gains in acceptance mark Esperanto's 100th birthday," Christian Science Monitor, July 17, 1987, p. 19-20.


Ziolkowski, Pawel, "Ni lernu Esperanton," Kaleidoscope (LOT Polish Airlines), 1 (32), 1987, p. 5-6.


There were also some TV and radio announcements about the Esperanto's 100th birthday, including a TV broadcast from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that began, "It's the language that knows no boundaries ..."





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SOURCE / FONTO: Bulteno de Esperanto-Societo de Vaŝingtono [Esperanto Society of Washington Newsletter, New Series], Nova Serio, #5, Junio-Septembro 1987. Redaktis Ralph Dumain.

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Marion Barry, Jr.: Esperanto Day, July 19, 1987, By the Mayor of The District of Columbia: A Proclamation

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