Nova Serio, #3                                            Februaro-Marto 1987


Redaktoro: Ralph Dumain






Sunday, February 22, 1987, 2:00-4:30 pm, Baha'i Center, 5713 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC:  General meeting of the Esperanto Society of Washington.  Program: (1) update on ESW activities for the jubilee year, including the ELNA Congress, (2) performance of original skit, "Homero kaj Horacio en Esperantujo," written by Tom Storck, starring David Gaines, Darryl Wills, and Tom Storck, (3) continuing introduction to Esperanto literature and discussion of the resources available.


March 12-14, 1987:  38th Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics: Language Spread and Language Policy: Issues, Implications, and Case Studies.  The conference proper will include papers on bilingualism, second language education, and other policy matters.  Pre-sessions will include a panel of experts who will discuss the "U.S. English" movement.  For a program contact: Prof. Peter H. Lowenberg, Dept. of Linguistics, Georgetown University, Washington, DC  20057; (202) 625-8165 or -8130.


Saturday, March 21, 1987, 2:30-5:30 pm, Chevy Chase Regional Branch of the Martin Luther King Memorial Library, Connecticut Avenue near McKinley St., N.W., Northhampton St., and Chevy Chase Circle; 2nd floor reading room; 727-1341:  General meeting of the Esperanto Society of Washington.


Sunday, April 12, 1987, 2:30 pm, home of Joan Gildemeister, 4406  35th Street, N.W., Washington, DC, (202) 363-6197:  General meeting of the Esperanto Society of Washington. 


Every Sunday, 12:45-2 pm, Baha'i Center, 5713 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC:  Esperanto classes, beginning and advanced.  Contact: John Dale.


Sundays, 2-4:30 pm, Baha'i Center:  Often the society conducts business meetings immediately following the Esperanto class.  All members are invited to participate.  So far, the meetings have been exclusively devoted to society business, such as programming, scheduling, and planning for the jubilee year.  If time permits, we may begin to use this time for literary and cultural affairs.  To find out whether a business meeting is to be held a particular Sunday, call David Gaines.





NOTE:  Addresses and phone numbers of contact persons mentioned in this newsletter are listed on page 4.


KEEP THOSE QUESTIONNAIRES COMING IN!  We are still awaiting responses from many of our members.  We want to represent everyone's interests.  If you have not done so, please fill out your questionnaire and return it to John Dale.  If you do not have a questionnaire, please contact John Dale.


LINGUISTICS COURSE:  If you are interested in a mini-course about Esperanto and Linguistics to be taught on weekends by Roberto Passos Nogueira, please contact David Gaines.


COMPUTER SURVEY:  If you have regular access to any type of computer, please send a postcard in the mail to Ralph Dumain indicating the type of computer(s) you use, the software you use (especially word processing, database management, and communications), and your modem if you have one (very important!).  If you are able to produce the accented letters or need advice on how to do so, please give me the relevant details.  If you are interested in sponsoring an Esperanto online bulletin board locally or intend to hook up to one of the commercial bulletin boards such as CompuServe, please let me know.  Thanks to those who have already sent in cards.


SOFTWARE:  The following is for information only and does not constitute an endorsement.  The Linguist, released in 1986 by Gessler Educational Software, 900 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, for the Apple II family of microcomputers.  Includes disk, guide for $44.95.  Backup disk: $9.95.  Also available for Atari, Commodore, IBM PC, PCjr.  To be used by language teachers for creating various language drills for grades 7-14.  Provides 20 different alphabets, including Esperanto.  Favorably reviewed in Booklist, February 1, 1987, p. 854.


ESPERANTA LIBROSERVO:  We intend to start an account with UEA in Rotterdam and a book service for our members to be managed by Charles Power.  The book service will enable us to obtain books from abroad more easily and will spare us currency headaches and special ordering through third parties.  All the money you pay into the fund remains yours, to be drawn upon when you order books, subscriptions, etc.  We do need a reasonably large sum to start up the account.  If you plan to do some serious Esperanto book buying, please consider a substantial initial payment to the account.  For further information, contact David Gaines.


NEW MEETING PLACES WANTED:  As you can see from the above calendar, we are attempting to rotate our meeting places.  We still your help in finding additional meeting places.  Unfortunately, we still tend to discriminate geographically against our members in suburban Maryland and northern Virginia, so we welcome proposals for meeting places in these areas which are easily accessible by public transportation. 


MEETINGS POLICY:  Our policy is to hold a general meeting once a month.  Additional meetings may be arranged if there is a demand for meetings devoted to special interests , eg. book reviews, Esperanto literary history, book exchanges and ordering, etc. 




Contact David Gaines to express your interests and to keep up to date.  Should any gatherings be arranged on short notice, we will contact the membership by telephone.


1987 ELNA CONGRESS: HELP WANTED:  Our society will be heavily involved with both the technical and programmatic aspects of the conference.  We need to establish contacts with schools, universities, magazines, newspapers, professional, special interest, religious, and ethnic groups, and the local and federal government.  If you belong to professional or other organizations that would be interested in hearing about various facets of Esperanto or cosponsoring meetings on matters of mutual interest, let us know.  We also need your help with public relations activities, eg. producing brochures and press releases, getting articles published in magazines, arranging radio interviews, setting up book exhibits in libraries and museums.  We also need help in making arrangements for the congress participants, eg. tourist arrangements.  Volunteers for the ELNA Congress Committee please contact David Gaines or Jim Lieberman.


1987 ELNA CONGRESS: SPEAKERS WANTED:  Esperantists competent in some particular area of Esperanto studies are wanted to speak at the ELNA Congress.  Of course we are interested in topics directed to Esperantists specifically, but we especially need people who would be willing to deliver a specialized, in-depth talk, in English, to the general public in addition to our own group.  Priority areas include historical overviews of Esperanto literature, Esperanto in the professions and sciences, the history of attempts at achieving official recognition and support for Esperanto, colorful aspects of Esperanto's history and culture, stories of reknowned individuals who are/were also Esperantists.  We also welcome experts who could give talks on various facets of the language problem, eg. language barriers to scientific and scholarly communication, foreign-language educational policy.  Contact David Gaines or Jim Lieberman.


NEWSLETTERS AND MAGAZINES:  Because of mailing costs, our present policy is to limit the newsletter to essential information and society business.  We welcome all contributions of news items, announcements, bibliographical citations, and the like.  Regarding literary, cultural, and special interest contributions, we have had many contributions for which we have not found the space in the newsletter as yet.  We may publish a separate "magazine" to be distributed at meetings rather than mailed which would include these contributions.  If we receive material with serious content or literary merit, we will publicize our "Washington Cultural Review," eg. by mailing it to leading Esperanto magazines and organizations.  If you are interested in contributing, send your ideas, articles, poems, etc. to Ralph Dumain.  Please indicate whether you grant permission for your contributions to be reprinted, with attribution, by the Esperanto press at large.


TRANSLATION:  In my experience, translation exercises have been an entertaining and practical means of honing one's Esperanto skills.  If there is an interest, we could introduce translation exercises into our monthly meetings.  If there is something in particular you would like to translate from English into Esperanto or Esperanto into English, please send a postcard to Ralph Dumain.  I myself am working on Esperanto translations of poems by William Blake and Langston Hughes and would love the opportunity to impose these tasks on others.


ESPERANTO-DOMO:  Some of our members are interested in setting up an Esperanto Group House in Washington through purchase or rental.  If you are interested in investing or participating in such a project, call John Dale.


DEZIRAS KORESPONDI:  S-ino Ludmila Prochaskova, Dvori 55, 288-02 Nymburk, Ĉehoslovakio; meztridekjara, veterinaro & verkisto, pri ĉiuj temoj deziras korespondi kun Vaŝingtonanoj.


FLATTERY WILL GET YOU EVERYWHERE DEPT.:  We thank those who have written or spoken to us expressing their compliments on our newsletter.  We have heard from local groups, ELNA, and even William Auld of Scotland, the most distinguished living Esperanto poet.







Balance: Dec. 1, 1986       $452.81


Receipts:                                                   Disbursements:

Dues                                       $428.75        To UEA and ELNA              $334.00

Meals                                        502.50        For Bulteno                          125.00

UEA & ELNA dues & donations   334.00        Printing of cards                     18.59

Donations to ESV                         80.00        Banquet                               495.97

For books                                   10.75        Banquet refund                      10.00

Bank interest                                7.05        Room rent in Baha'i Center      15.00

                                                                Bank charge for deposit forms   1.86


Total receipts                          $1363.05        Total disbursements            $1000.42


Balance: Feb. 9, 1987                $ 815.44





January 18, 1987, 1:15-4:30 pm.  Ĝenerala Kunveno de la Esperanto-Societo de Vaŝingtono.  Oni distribuis liston da ideoj por agado dum 1987.  Ni diskutis eblaĵojn.  Mi resumis la rezultojn de la demandaro.  Ni diskutis estontan programadon pri Esperanta literaturo.  Mi distribuis bibliografion pri Esperanta literatura historio kaj kritikado.  Ni diskutis sciencfikcion en Esperanto, eblaĵojn por "literaturrecenza klubo," por grupa aĉetado de libroj kaj simila kooperado.  Pri formato de la kunvenoj, ni intencas agi formale nur pri oficialaj societaj aferoj; la postaj diskutoj kaj programoj estos neformalaj.


Intervjuo je David Gaines fare de Bill Ryan, sendependa verkisto, pri Esperanto en Vaŝingtono kaj la mondo.  La intervjuo eble aperos en Greater Washington Guide, senpaga gazeto, kiu haveblas ĉe nutraĵvendejoj.






"Computer translations tongues languages," Development Forum, vol. 15, no. 1, Jan.-Feb. 1987, p. 2.  Letter to the editor from Renato Corsetti re the DLT Esperanto project.


"Loke - Fake - Persone: Tonkin," Esperanto, januaro 1987, p. 18.  Article about Dr. Tonkin's visit to Washington Dec. 19 & our contribution to it.


"Talk talk," review essay by Louis Menand, The New Republic, February 16, 1987, p. 28-33.  See critique of the political subtext of The Story of English, p. 30-31, and passing mention of Jacques Barzun's attack on Esperanto on p. 32.


"Unu gradigi taugi cio!"  Broadcasting, Jan. 19, 1987, p. 40-41.  Advertisement for SONY Broadcasting insulting Esperanto.


Jeopardy TV game show, Tuesday, January 27, 1987.  Double Jeopardy, last question, for $1000 under category "Languages:" answer: "Language invented by Ludwig L. Zamenhof in 1887;" question: "What is Esperanto?"  No contestant knew.





Prezidanto / President                   Estrarano/ Council Member-At-Large    

David Gaines                               John Dale                             

[address blanked out]                    [address blanked out]                 

Washington, DC  20008                  Takoma Park, MD  20912                

[phone blanked out]                      [phone blanked out]                      


Sekretario / Secretary                    Kasisto / Treasurer                   

Ralph Dumain                               Phil Chenoweth                        

1629 Columbia Road, N.W.              [address blanked out]                  

Apt. 615                                        [address blanked out]                              

Washington, DC  20009                  Leisure World, MD  20906              

[phone blanked out]                       [phone blanked out]                        


Vicprezidanto / Vice-President        Estrarano / Council Member-At-Large   

Thomas Storck                              Joan Gildemeister                     

[address blanked out]                     [address blanked out]               

Greenbelt, MD  20770                    Washington, DC  20008                 

[phone blanked out]                       [phone blanked out]                        


Vicprezidanto / Vice-President        ELNA Congress / ELNA-Kongreso 1987    

Darryl S. Wills                              Dr. E. James Lieberman                

[address blanked out]                     [address blanked out]                

Washington, DC  20011                  Washington, DC  20015                 

[phone blanked out]                       [phone blanked out]                         






Please make your check or money order payable to Esperanto-Societo de Vaŝingtono.  Any payment of $5 or more includes membership for 1987.

Please fill out this form and send it with payment to:

Phil Chenoweth, 3510 Forest Edge Dr., Apt. 3E, Leisure World, MD  20906.


____ $5 for 1987                     $____ contribution to ESW Centennial Fund

____ $25 Centennial Patron       ____ $100 lifetime membership


NAME:    _____________________________________________________________________


ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________


CITY:    _____________________________________________________________________


TELEPHONE:      (     )______________________________________________________

SOURCE / FONTO: Bulteno de Esperanto-Societo de Vaŝingtono [Esperanto Society of Washington Newsletter, New Series], Nova Serio, #3, Februaro-Marto 1987. Redaktis Ralph Dumain.

Bulteno de Esperanto-Societo de Vaŝingtono, Nova Serio
= Esperanto Society of Washington Newsletter, New Series.
#1 - #6 (Novembro 1986 - Decembro 1987)

Marion Barry, Jr., Mayor, Washington, D.C.: Greetings to the Esperanto League of North America, 100th Anniversary, July 18-22, 1987

Marion Barry, Jr.: Esperanto Day, July 19, 1987, By the Mayor of The District of Columbia: A Proclamation

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