‘World Literature’: A Bibliography

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

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On Fiction: Essays & Articles

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On Poetry

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Regional & International

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In and About Esperanto

Dasgupta, Probal. “The Postnational Literary Enterprise and Esperanto,” in La arto labori kune, edited by Detlev Blanke & Ulrich Lins (Rotterdam: Universala Esperanto-Asocio, 2010).

The Hungarian author Ferenc Temesi has not crossed over into the English language. Here is a piece about him and another by him (in translation) in Esperanto:

Ertl, István. “Du plus unu libroj, kiujn vi neniam legos,” Literatura Foiro, n-ro ?, p. 11-15. 

Temesi, Ferenc. “Mia avo inter esperantoj,” tradukis István Ertl, Literatura Foiro, n-ro ?, p. 16-20.

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