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Ses poemoj de Stefano MALLARMÉ

        Angoro [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

        Aperaĵo [Lajos TÁRKONY]

        Donaco de l' Poemo [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

        La fenestroj [Lajos TÁRKONY]

        Mara vento [Lajos TÁRKONY]

        Sanktulino [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

Ses pliaj poemoj de Stefano MALLARMÉ

        ”Dum forgesitan boskon minacas vintra neĝo” [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

        ”Kia en lin mem fine lin ŝanĝas la eterna” [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

        ”Kiam la ombra leĝo minacis per fatalo” [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

        ”Pafos, sur via nomo ferminte la volumojn” [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

        ”Per alte dediĉataj dek ungoj el oniks” [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

        “La virga, la vivarda kaj la bela hodi” [Gaston WARINGHIEN]

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        Fenestroj, tradukita de Tárkony Lajos

        Mara vento, tradukita de Tárkony Lajos

Stephane Mallarmé, “Brise marine”; “Seebrise;” en La Muzino, red. Richard [Rikardo] Schulz (Paderborno: Esperanto-Centro, 1992), p. 296-297.

Pri Mallarmé & Esperanto en la angla / On Mallarmé & Esperanto in English

Marshall C. Olds, “Mallarmé and Internationalism,” in Kaleidoscopes: Essays in Nineteenth-Century French Literature in Honor of Thomas H. Goetz, edited by Graham Falconer and Mary Donaldson-Evans (Toronto: Centre d’Études Romantiques Joseph Sablé, 1996), pp. 157-168. See full text. From the abstract:

Mallarmé’s idea, here as elsewhere, is to lay the ground for a universal poetic language, that is to say a supra-national poetics for all language(s). Thus the relationship is only indirect with other, more literal internationalist activity such as the Esperanto movement; while universalism is implied in Mallarmé’s essay, no specific human language (other than French!) is ever mentioned. As will be discussed below, this suggestive expression of 19th century international political utopianism stems in fact from the poet’s own foray into political activism in the early 1870s.

Stéphane Mallarmé, Grand Oeuvre, Le Livre:
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