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Mission statement of the Washington Philosophy Circle

This is a philosophy discussion group for the Washington DC metropolitan area. It grew out of the Washington Philosophy Meetup established via meetup.com. The purpose of this group is to coordinate local meetings and to provide a vehicle for the interchange of ideas, sources, and information. We will announce other relevant area events as well as our own.

The meaning of the term 'philosophy', as everything else in philosophy, is open to dispute. For our purposes, philosophy is inquiry into the nature of reality, knowledge, and value, conceived in abstract and general terms. Hence, this group is not the proper venue for discussion of specific issues of religion or politics, though the underlying abstract principles at stake in these issues are proper topics for discussion. Washington policy wonking will be strongly discouraged.


Dates and times to be announced. Unless otherwise indicated, meetings will be held at Teaism, A Tea House:

400 8th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 638-6010

Directions: On the corner of 8th and D Streets NW. Visible from the Archives/Navy Memorial metro stop. We meet on the lower level.

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Calendar of Events of Philosophical Interest in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area

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Washington Philosophy Circle
(inaugurated 28 April 2005)

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