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Holly Fletcher
Thu May 20 19:29:51 2004 GMT
sarah oppel
Fri Feb 21 23:55:23 2003 GMT
very interesting
jose lopez agneshelen13@yahoo.com
Sun Jan 19 14:21:07 2003 GMT
M.E. Anthony meanthony@sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 6 00:07:24 2002 GMT
hassen khayatia khayatia@aol.com
Tue Nov 5 11:23:09 2002 GMT
thank you for the scholarly hard work.
Eoghan Mac Aogáin eoghan@ite.ie
Fri Oct 18 12:34:26 2002 GMT
What a pleasant surprise, and a very useful resource
Karl Kompass
Mon May 20 19:17:05 2002 GMT
Lebulu a_makere_2000@yahoo.com
Fri May 3 21:57:15 2002 GMT
Being a young black male that owes his mental life to a library card, copy/paste on the internet, reading books that discuss other books, i thank you
S.D.Harv sdharv03@yahoo.com
Fri Apr 19 04:13:31 2002 GMT
simple, like ozone
Donte Swinson SwinD345@newschool.edu
Mon Apr 1 22:21:58 2002 GMT
I, on the brink of becoming a Delaney fanatic, appreciated your critcal thoughts on his works. I am also interested in autodidacts.
Reginald Finley infidelguy@aol.com
Sat Mar 23 04:23:52 2002 GMT
Great work you're doing here. I really appreciate the work done on Harrison. I'm learning alot here. In reason, The Infidel Guy - www.infidelguy.com
David Hairston dbh@seiu99.net
Mon Mar 18 17:46:44 2002 GMT
I'm working on an essay concerning the strategies of speeches by Frederick Douglass. My reseach led to your site.
David Hairston dbh@seiu99.net
Mon Mar 18 17:45:03 2002 GMT
I'm working on an essay concerning the strategies of speeches by Frederick Douglass. I came across info that he belong to the E. Batimore Mental Imp
francis francisnjoe@lycos.com
Sat Feb 23 05:30:17 2002 GMT
institute for political and social sciences is being set up
Debe None
Wed Feb 20 01:46:36 2002 GMT
magdalene mclaurin None
Sat Feb 16 06:12:55 2002 GMT
Paul Tompkins tompkinspj@aol.com
Mon Jan 21 19:50:41 2002 GMT
Genealogy interest in Mark STARR.Distant relative trying to put some meet on the bones
Sol Levy sblevy@middlebury.edu
Tue Jan 8 23:10:18 2002 GMT
Keep up the struggle!
Bettina French Pietri bettinared@aol.com
Mon Oct 1 19:07:20 2001 GMT
what is your e-mail address? I just discovered your site about my brother, Bill. Please contact me -- I'm Bill French's sister.
Hans van de Konijnenberg hvdk@wanadoo.nl
Mon Aug 20 20:30:16 2001 GMT
Nice site.
stephen holt stephenholt34@hotmail.com
Fri Mar 23 00:03:40 2001 GMT
The best thing I got from college was not a couple of degrees but lifelong borrowing rights to the college library. Autodicticism is the way to go!!
Byron "Klaus" Despres-Berry ccbb@athenet.net
Mon Mar 12 18:41:51 2001 GMT
I came for the Sloterdijk, stayed for the Heine. Super!
Sandra Brown None
Sat Mar 10 21:20:30 2001 GMT
Christopher Rhoades Dÿkema crdbronx@erols.com
Fri Feb 9 16:24:06 2001 GMT
Great site. Anyone who likes Heine is on the right track. He's a great writer, and it's unfortunate that so few Americans read him.
Steve Heeren sheeren@home.com
Sat Jan 20 01:04:55 2001 GMT
A Russ aishaman@yahoo.com
Mon Jan 15 02:23:07 2001 GMT
Nice site. Keep up the good work :P
Mike Peters M.Peters@lmu.ac.uk
Tue Nov 28 13:24:20 2000 GMT
excellent stuff - keep it up. This is needed more than ever.
Leigh Hall leighlibee@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 17:40:23 2000 GMT
Thanks--this has been a pleasure.
John E. Droeger droeger@prodigy.net
Thu Oct 12 02:52:18 2000 GMT
Susan / I like your site. I am in adv class. a2000greetings@mythirdage.com
Sat Sep 23 02:13:01 2000 GMT
self education has been real for me. You seem well edu will be back http://home.thirdage.com/computing/a2000greetings/
Scratchy scratchy@iinet.net.au
Sun Aug 20 02:28:00 2000 GMT
Hi Ralph, it was nice visiting your home page on autoeroticism, thank you very much!
Helen M. jo_littlewomen@yahoo.com
Sat Aug 19 07:59:26 2000 GMT
Stopped by to read your three new poems... very good.
Maureeen, Auckland New Zealand m_chrystall@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 17 18:36:38 2000 GMT
Helen M. (aka - /Education/hjs3) jo_littlewomen@yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 16:57:57 2000 GMT
just stopping by to see what is going on. I like your new poems.
Gdog Gdog walelu@mindspring.com
Thu Aug 17 16:52:36 2000 GMT
great work
Charles Senger csenger@ucsd.edu
Mon Jun 26 07:07:39 2000 GMT
Nice homepage; keep up tthe good work.
Helen M. http://home.thirdage.com/Education/hjs3 jo_littlewome@yahoo.com
Wed Jun 21 00:30:45 2000 GMT
Your site looks very interesting. Good questions for the circle 06/20/00.
Delores (Desiree) Brown sweetnbrown@earthlink.net
Sun Jun 11 02:24:25 2000 GMT
Keep that brain pulsating!!!!!!
William Blake 4Zoas@Golgonooza.net
Thu May 25 06:44:02 2000 GMT
Put this in your pipe and smoke it: "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom." Let's see if that's revealed in your egotisical sublime.
Jewel youngJ@dsmo.com
Mon May 8 23:50:19 2000 GMT
I considered myself an intellectual by birth, until I encountered this website. I guess I have officially retired from such.
Jim F. farmelantj@juno.com
Sat May 6 00:23:59 2000 GMT
I can't believe you had been hiding this site from me. Good stuff!
Olga Ruiz Omiquerida@aol.com
Sun Feb 13 15:51:59 2000 GMT
cant wait to read this ralph!
Jim Murray jimmurray@igc.org
Fri Feb 4 23:01:09 2000 GMT
Please don't forget your film reviews, and other pop cult commentaries. Superb foundation.
matt culbert mattsocist@aol.com
Sun Jan 30 02:31:49 2000 GMT
This is a most splendid undertaking. I wish I had had access to all of this and the links are superb also.I shall definately return often
loisb ljhb@mailcity.com
Wed Jan 26 15:24:49 2000 GMT
You are off to a fine start at implementing your plan. I look forward to your next steps.
Ane, http://home.thirdage.com/Gardening/ane None
Wed Jan 26 10:16:40 2000 GMT
An enjoyable site, looking forward to more of it.
Marcie, aka Cellomar Cellomar@aol.com
Wed Jan 26 06:23:00 2000 GMT
Your page is coming along beautifully. I love the premise. Take a look at one of mine when you have the chance. Look me up in TA under Music.
Tom Dillingham None
Mon Sep 20 03:28:38 1999 GMT
the tygers of wrath/the horses of instruction--may they lie down in peace
Daniel Mesnik mesnikd@cfreenet.org
Thu Sep 9 03:25:02 1999 GMT
Lookin' good, Ralph! May you always critique cynical reason in the sew age, I mean, new age! Anxious to watch your site become outtasite!!
The Creative Mind aishaman@yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 05:58:18 1999 GMT
I have not actually looked at your webpage in the full. But keep up the good work. One day people will sign your guestbook. Don't worry. Have a grand
Ralph Dumain rdumain@igc.org
Mon Aug 23 23:27:27 1999 GMT
One of these days, Ralph--bang! zoom! right to the moon.

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