by Ornette Coleman

If one needs to know whatever one must know about anything to bring them closer to it the joy is in the existence of it and the freedom of arriving to the highest pleasure with it, not from it. To know love is to know love. The skies of America have had more changes to occur under them in this century than any other country: assassinations, political wars, gangster wars, racial wars, space races, women’s rights, sex, drugs and the death of god, all for the betterment of the American people. What then is left to happen under the skies of America but the goodness, a country with so many changes within the nature of its people must have something very special in store for the world to enjoy since it has done so many things to change its own territory and mental relationships to each other. Love, hate and lies live in the nature of all in some manner. America knows all three of these from the world and its people. Why, where and what is the purpose of a country that has the essence of mankind and the blessing of the skies. America is a young country. When it reaches one thousand years will its descendents care about the American Indians whose skies gave so much. All Americans know who, how and why their existence came to be American regardless of the condition. If only then one could be as true as the skies of America.

SOURCE: Coleman, Ornette. Skies of America, The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Measham. 1972 CBS, Inc./ Manufactured by Columbia Records/CBS, New York, N.Y. Original album Columbia KC 31562. Excerpt from liner notes, back cover. Front cover design: Ed Lee / Cover art: Michael Gross.

Black Studies, Music, America vs Europe

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